Find a Transporter Familiar with Military Car Shipping Regulations

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Military Car Shipping

If you are a man or woman of the military and you have been given orders to your next assignment, use a professional car transport company to ship your car and possibly your belongings too. With as much as military must move most personnel are familiar with the process of car transport. Just make sure you hire a company with the right experience to handle the job.

The regulations involved with POV transport in the military are slightly more detailed than it would be for other individuals buying shipping services for an automobile. Make sure the transporter you decide to hire has plenty of military shipping experience. This will prove to be valuable during your car’s transport.

What You Will Need to Gather Quotes

  • The vehicle’s make and model
  • The age and weight of the truck
  • The addresses for pickup and drop off
  • What shipping services you’re interested in

Once you’ve gathered quotes from all the shipping companies of interest, choose the one that offers the most at the rate you were quoted. As a longstanding military car transporter, they should maintain a positive reputation among past customers. You can find out by reading any reviews or testimonials left online about the company.

Qualities All POV Transporters Should Possess

  • Insurance coverage is a provided on top of all purchased shipping services
  • They have the latest transport equipment and technology
  • You’ll have many auto shipping services to consider and customer service will help you customize your POV’s transport
  • Past customers have given great reviews and ratings about the company online. Even testimonials should showcase the company’s success.
  • They’re able to provide proof of their success and authenticity as an auto transporter familiar with military deliveries