Enjoy Cheap and Dependable Military Car Shipping from Honolulu

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Shipping a POV outside of Honolulu, HI might seem like risky business. However, with the right military car shipping company, transporting a POV can be easy. A professional shipping company is usually very safe and reliable. You can tell a good company when you call in and customer service is more than willing to assist you. They’ll even have a no obligatory, free quote for you after your call is completed.

Methods of POV Transport to Select From

With the variety of car shipping methods available, you will certainly find a company that offers a method you will be satisfied with. Many trustworthy companies will also offer insurance on the car during its transport. Sometimes, this is included for a small fee, but in most circumstances, it is free when other shipping services are purchased.

  • Enclosed Shipping: The car is placed within a container where it’s secured and tied down to a pallet. The car and the unfilled container space around it can be filled with other household goods you’d like shipped to the next base.
  • Open Air Shipping: This method is not nearly as expensive, but it isn’t the safest method. If the weather is poor or the roadways are unfavorable, the bike could be susceptible to some minor damage. The car is shipped on an open flatbed trailer.
  • Terminal to Terminal: The POV must be dropped off at a shipping terminal in or near Honolulu and then retrieved from another shipping terminal closer to the car’s destination. Military ports may also be used.
  • Door to Door: The car is picked up from its home in Honolulu then dropped off at the address specified by the car’s owner.