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How Military Car Shipping Got Started

If you’re in the service, you know how difficult the lifestyle can be. Learning about a new post is exciting, until you remember how stressful moving is.

That feeling of excitement quickly fades as you realize it’s time to move your vehicles and all your possessions to a new city. And sometimes your posts will take you across the country.

That’s why Mark started Military Car Shipping.

As a former marine himself, Mark knows how challenging your military moves are. And it’s Mark’s goal to make soldier’s lives easier because he knows they’re making the ultimate sacrifice by serving our great country.

How Our Military Car Shipping Process Makes Your Life Easier

Our business works to make the moving process an afterthought. With our help, moving to your next deployment can be quick and straightforward. Your moving process will look something like this:

  1. You receive your posting.
  2. You pack up your belongings and your vehicle.
  3. You move to a completely new and unfamiliar area.
  4. You arrive at your new location and receive all of your belongings.

We understand that this isn’t an easy process. That’s why we help you with every step, so that you can focus on your new life and not moving.

In addition to vehicle transport, we also offer general moving services to simplify your entire move.

Why You Should Choose Military Car Shipping When You Move


We know your life is hard enough when you receive a new post or deployment. We make your moving experience quick and easy, stress-free, and fast. Our service is all-inclusive: we pack, transport, and unpack your vehicle and belongings for you.

We Understand

As veterans ourselves, we know all too well the struggles of military. We’re also familiar with the logistics of a new post or deployment, so we’re well suited to the task of helping you move.

We Support You

Our company is firmly in support of our brave armed forces. With all the sacrifices our troops make for us, we feel we owe it to you to help you as much as we can.

Meet Mark – Our Owner and a Former Marine

Our founder Mark is a marine with over a decade of service under his belt. After retiring from the service, he decided he wanted to continue helping the troops as much as he could. That’s why he founded Military Car Shipping, to help ease some of your burdens when it comes to moving for the military.

Meet the Team

Evan (Veteran)

Previously having served as a logistics officer in the armed forces, Evan now puts his logistical skills to use by helping us allocate our trucks and drivers to the right places.

Harry (Marketing Manager)

Harry is responsible for running our company’s marketing department. While he hasn’t served our country, he loves connecting with our troops and helping them tell their stories.

Jim (Customer Service Lead)

At Military Car Shipping, we do our best to keep our customers satisfied. If you do run into problems with our service, Jim is always there to help get things back on track.

We Support Our Troops Any Way We Can

With over 20 years in the industry, Military Car Shipping has left its mark on the market as the prime choice for our armed forces and veterans. We love helping active servicemembers and veterans simplify the moving process.

Let’s make your military move a stress-free process

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