Military Recommended Auto Shipping

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When it comes to shipping automobiles, some companies can get the job done better than others. To make sure you are hiring a reputable company, make sure you do enough research. Online is where you can find out all about how auto shipping works and how to find which companies are the best.


Leading auto shipping companies will offer discounts to members of the military regardless of the branch and to veterans as well. If you are dealing with a company that does not want to give you a discount and you are a member of the military, consider hiring another military auto shipping company. To find out if a company is reputable, look on their website and read customer reviews.


Different Ways to Transport an Automobile

  • Enclosed Transport – This is the most expensive way to ship an auto, but it is definitely the safest. Your vehicle will have the most protection against driving conditions, the elements and theft. If you have a very valuable vehicle, professionals recommend that you purchase this shipping solution.
  • Open Air Transport – This is the most common form of transport. People tend to purchase this method because it is the least expensive method and it is safe. Your vehicle is not allowed to have personal possessions stored in it with this shipping solution. Make sure you check your fluids, battery and tire pressure.
  • Door to Door – This delivery option is exactly what it sounds like. A carrier will arrive at your home address and take your vehicle from that point. Once your vehicle has been loaded it will be delivered directly to its destination.
  • Terminal to Terminal – This delivery option combined with open air transport is the least expensive way to ship a car to date. Once you drop your car off at the depot, you are responsible for finding your own ride home.