Military Vehicle Shipping to Anchorage, Alaska

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When it comes to shipping an auto to Anchorage, you will need to hire a reputable military vehicle transport company. This type of company offers safe and reliable shipping solutions for servicemen who will be PCSing in the near future. Hiring a professional company to ship your vehicle to Anchorage has many benefits, but peace of mind is undoubtedly the best part about it.



Different Shipping Solutions

Enclosed Transport

This type of transport is known for being the most expensive way to ship an auto, but it is the safest way to get the job done. Your vehicle will be protected against the elements and driving conditions. If you have a very valuable car or an antique car, this shipping solution is definitely one to consider.

Open Air Transport

This form of transport is the most popular way to ship a car because it is the least expensive way to do it. If you do not mind your vehicle being exposed to the elements or driving conditions consider this option. If you choose this shipping solution, you will need to remove any personal property from the vehicle including inside of the trunk.

Door to Door

Door to door transport is the most convenient way to have an auto shipped to Anchorage. This shipping option is exactly what it sounds like. Your vehicle will be picked up at your front door and delivered directly to its destination.

Terminal to Terminal

If you choose this delivery option, you will need to arrange a ride home for yourself once you drop the car off at the depot. Terminal to terminal shipping is the least expensive way to have your auto delivered. However, your vehicle will acquire some wear and tear if you select terminal to terminal transport.