Military Car Shipping Portsmouth, Virginia

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Professional auto shipping companies offer discounts to military personnel regardless of the branch. If you will be moving to Portsmouth and you need your car shipped, get in touch with an auto hauling company. Even though auto transport sounds expensive, reputable companies make their services available for low prices.


PCSing can be a difficult process, but when dealing with a professional shipping company, this process can be made easier. The cost of transport is made flexible to meet the needs of individuals interested in shipping their vehicle. Contact an agent to find out a quote in less than fifteen minutes. To be sure you get the most out of your money, collect at least three quotes from three different companies.


Different Types of Car Shipping

  • Enclosed Shipping
  • Open Air Shipping
  • Door to Door
  • Terminal to terminal


How to Choose a Shipping Method

The most common way to ship a vehicle is on an open carrier. The reason for this is because it is the least expensive method on the market. If you have a very valuable vehicle or an antique that you wish to transport, professionals recommend enclosed shipping. Both methods have been proven to have a high success rate.


Document the Condition of Your Automobile

Accidents are rare, but they have occurred in the past. Take photos of your vehicle prior to the ship date and make copies to give to the shipping company. You should also wash the car of any dirt or deposits so you can see minor imperfections easier.

Remove any personal property from the inside of the vehicle and have them shipped by other means. You will also need to take your automobile to a mechanic if it has any leaks. If your auto leaks during transport, you may be required to pay for damages.