Military Car Transportation Services

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Shipping a vehicle for servicemen has been a pleasure of reputable car transport services for decades. If you are in the military or are a veteran, a car shipping company can get your vehicle delivered to its destination safely and for low prices. Consider getting in touch with an auto shipping company to discuss a quote.


How Long Does Transport Take?

The length of time it takes to ship a vehicle all depends on the season and distance. Summer is always the busiest time of year for auto haulers. Typically, you can expect to see your car arrive in a week. If you need express delivery, let the company know and something can be arranged.


Types of Shipping

Enclosed Transport

Enclosed shipping is the most expensive way to ship a car. However, it is also the safest way to get the job done. Your vehicle will be locked in an enclosed container, protected from driving conditions, weather and theft.

Open Air Transport

This type of transport is the most common way to ship a vehicle and it is also the least expensive way. If you have personal items in your vehicle, make sure to remove them and ship them by some other means. Your vehicle will be slightly exposed to weather conditions using this method of transport.

Door to Door

This delivery option is exactly what it sounds like. Your vehicle will be picked up at your door and delivered directly to its destination. This is more expensive than other shipping alternatives, but it offers the most convenience.

Terminal to Terminal

This delivery option requires the shipper to deliver the car at the shipping depot and to pick it up once it has been delivered. It will add wear and tear to the vehicle, but it is better than driving it all the way to its destination. This is the least expensive way to have your car shipped.