Military Car Shipping Atlanta, Georgia

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If you are in the military and have plans to move to Atlanta, Georgia in the near future, get in touch with a professional auto transport company. Auto transport companies make their services available for low prices. Regardless of the branch you are serving in, reputable shipping companies give discounts to members of the military and veterans.



Methods Professionals Use to Transport Vehicles

Enclosed Transport

Enclosed transport is the most expensive way to ship a vehicle. Even though it is the most expensive, it offers the most protection against theft, weather conditions and driving hazards. Your vehicle will be loaded into an enclosed container and it will remain there until it arrives to its destination.

Open Air Transport

This is the least expensive way to ship a vehicle and it is also the most common way to get the job done. All vehicles being shipped on an open carrier need to be prepared prior to the scheduled ship date. Make sure you do an inspection of the condition of the vehicle and take photos.

Door to Door

Door to door transport is the most convenient way to ship a car. This method is exactly what it sounds like. Your vehicle will be picked up at your front door and delivered directly to its destination.

Terminal to Terminal

This delivery option combined with open air transport is the least expensive way to ship a car. Once you drop the car off at the depot, you will need to have a ride home for yourself. This shipping option is more convenient for individuals who live near the depot.


Is Auto Shipping Expensive?

There are expensive shipping options, but professional auto shipping companies have various ways to transport cars for low prices. To find out how much it will cost you to ship your vehicle to Atlanta, call a representative of the auto shipping company. Typically, an agent will be able to determine a quote in roughly fifteen minutes.