Military Auto Transport Discounts

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Being in the military can be stressful because you move around more often than you would like. If you have orders to relocate in the near future, consider hiring a professional military auto shipping company. Military auto shipping companies offer discounts to anyone currently serving in the military and veterans as well.


If the shipping company you are interested in hiring does not offer discounts to members of the military, move on to the next company. Professional auto haulers offer realistic prices because they know how important it is to have your car accessible to you. Regardless of the branch you are serving in, you are still entitled to a discount.


Prepare Your Car for Shipping

To be sure that your vehicle is ready for transport, make sure you take the time to document its condition. If your vehicle has any leaks, make sure to have it repaired by a mechanic. Wash dirt and debris from the vehicle so you can see minor imperfections better such as rust, scratches and dents. Take photos of the vehicle from every angle so you can be sure it arrives to its destination in the same condition that it left in.


Different Ways to Transport a Vehicle

  • Enclosed Transport
  • Open Air Transport
  • Door to Door
  • Terminal to Terminal


Is Auto Transport Safe?

Auto shipping companies have experienced professionals behind every job they handle. To make sure you are dealing with a professional military auto hauler, do research online. Accidents are rare when you are dealing with a reputable shipping company, but if they are less than reputable, you will be leaving your vehicle susceptible to an accident.

Auto transport companies offer multiple shipping solutions which have proven to have a high success rate. Leaders in the industry know how important it is to exceed the expectations of their customers. So to make sure you do not get taken advantage of, read customer reviews on their website to be sure you are getting the most out of your money.