One-Stop Guide to Relocating your car for PCS

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From time to time, you may be reassigned to another station across the seas or over long distances to complete your experience in the military. Along with your valuables, your vehicles can be catered to by moving companies. Relocating to your new station may be confusing as there are tons of requirements that you may have to fulfill to complete the process. Let’s get to know Auto PCS for you to know the process easily:

What is PCS?

During your military career, a PCS or Permanent Change of Station involves assignment to another base for 20 weeks. Your new location may mean you are needed in another part of the world or the country to fulfill your training requirements or role. It can be your way to experience another landscape for your career growth.

Guide to Relocating your car for PCS

The process may begin with an email or telephone call notifying you of your assignment. Your supervisor may send you the notification, but it doesn’t mean that you have to go through it right away. You may use the time to prepare for the requirements to make your transfer a little smoother.

You have a ton of requirements to prepare at this point in time. You are eligible to avail of a full household goods relocation, and choosing the option can mean preparing for different requirements. Besides paperwork, you must also see to it that your items can be safely transferred to your new station. Valuables like your car or motorcycle can also be transferred in the process by your trusted mover. The transfer process can be a bit complicated, so you should be familiar with the basics of Auto PCS first before turning in your vehicle.

Cost related to Auto PCS

As you are serving the country when you are assigned to another station, you may avail of government assistance should you meet the requirements. A government-issued transport is free of charge provided that your vehicle will only weigh not more than 20 metric tons. However, you may also opt for a personally procured move where you pay a mover to relocate your vehicle for you. Choosing the right company can be a bit tricky, as you may see different price structures from time to time. It is important to determine the cost of transporting your auto as you enter your PCS to get the best out of your relocation.

Factors in determining car shipping cost

  • Shipping company surcharges – Fees from your transport company can add a layer of cost to your relocation. They may charge you up to 50% depending on the services you have availed
  • Gas prices – Mileage and distance traveled account for the gas prices per mile as you travel.
  • Origin and destination points – customs and other regulations on ports can affect the price of your transport.
  • Season – Summer is the peak moving season, and prices can be higher compared to other seasons.

Required Documents for Auto PCS

  • Proof of entitlement to ship your vehicle
  • Vehicle registration
  • Lien holder authorization letter, if applicable to the vehicle
  • Proof of ownership of the vehicle
  • Government-issued identification forms
  • Car insurance policies
Preparation for Auto PCS

Preparation for Auto PCS

Determining a strategy for your vehicle relocation during your PCS is important as you have other responsibilities to remember. Taking into consideration your well-being and comfort, you have to prioritize a smooth relocation procedure as you go through a journey in your career. To do this, you must follow the steps below:

Meet the requirements

Documents and other paperwork are vital in ensuring that relocating your vehicle would not be a burden on your end. Ensuring that you have the necessary paperwork like proof of your ownership of the car can help in reducing the friction in the process. Preventing delays can mean being proactive with the choices that you make for your transfer.

Check your vehicle

Ports and other turn-in or drop-off points may have varying degrees of protective measures for their transferring. However, standard practice is to always maintain your car in its best condition as slight malfunctions can result in hazards.

Choose the right shipping company

You may worry about the cost of your car transport at this point. Finding the appropriate services for your transfer is the best way to ease your worry.

Car Transport for PCS

You are all set!

As you have read this article, you are now equipped to get into processing your PCS right away. To learn more, you may get in touch with us.