How To Prepare For Deployment Vehicle Transport

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When it comes to serving in the military, there are numerous challenges and responsibilities that service members face. Among these is the daunting task of relocating and ensuring that their vehicles are safely transported to their new deployment locations.

Military Car Shipping understands these challenges and has been a trusted partner for many in the armed forces. With over 20 years of experience, we’ve perfected the art of deployment vehicle transport.

This blog post aims to guide you through the essential steps to prepare your vehicle for deployment transport. Whether you’re a seasoned officer or a new recruit, these tips will ensure that your vehicle reaches its destination in pristine condition, allowing you to focus on your primary mission.

Steps to Prepare Your Vehicle for Deployment Transport

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When it comes to ensuring the safe and efficient transport of your vehicle during deployment, preparation is key. With the right steps, you can ensure that your vehicle is ready for the journey ahead, whether it’s across the country or overseas. Let’s delve into the essential steps to prepare your vehicle for deployment transport.

1. Conducting a Thorough Cleaning

A clean vehicle not only looks good but also allows for a more accurate inspection. Before entrusting your vehicle to a military car shipping service, it’s crucial to give it a comprehensive cleaning.

Washing your vehicle thoroughly removes any dirt, grime, and debris that might have accumulated over time. A clean exterior ensures that any pre-existing damages or scratches are easily visible. This is especially important when dealing with military car shipping companies, as they will inspect the vehicle before transport.

The interior of the car should not be overlooked. Vacuuming the seats, cleaning the dashboard, and ensuring that the car’s interior is spotless is essential. A clean interior ensures that the military car shipping company can easily inspect the vehicle without any obstructions.

2. Detailed Inspection and Documentation

Once your vehicle is clean, the next step is a detailed inspection. This is a crucial step when preparing for military car transport.

Documenting any pre-existing damages on your vehicle is essential. This includes minor scratches, dents, or any other visible marks. By doing this, you establish a baseline of your vehicle’s condition before the military car shipping process begins.

Taking clear photographs of your vehicle from multiple angles can serve as evidence of its pre-transport condition. These images can be invaluable, especially if there are any disputes about damages incurred during the military car shipping service.

3. Removing Personal Items and Valuables

Before your vehicle is handed over to the military car shipping company, it’s essential to remove all personal items and valuables.

Personal items can include anything from important documents to electronic devices. These items should be removed to prevent any potential loss or damage during the military car transport process.

It’s also a good idea to remove any aftermarket installations or custom accessories. These can get damaged during transport, and it’s best to keep them safe.

4. Securing or Removing Loose Parts

Ensuring that all parts of your vehicle are secure is a crucial step in the preparation process.

Loose parts, such as external mirrors or antennas, should be secured or removed. This prevents them from getting damaged or causing damage to other vehicles during the military car shipping process.

Custom accessories that are not permanently attached to the vehicle, like bike racks or spoilers, should also be removed. This ensures that they don’t get lost or damaged during military car transport.

5. Checking Fluid Levels and Battery Health

Before your vehicle is loaded onto the military ship, it’s essential to ensure that it’s in good working order.

Checking fluid levels, including oil, brake fluid, and coolant, ensures that your vehicle is ready for the journey. Any leaks should be addressed before the military car shipping service begins.

The battery should be fully charged and securely fastened. This ensures that the vehicle can be easily loaded and unloaded from the military ship.

6. Disabling Alarms and Anti-Theft Devices

To ensure a smooth military car shipping process, all alarms and anti-theft devices should be disabled.

Alarms can cause unnecessary interruptions during the military car transport process. By disabling them, you ensure that the vehicle can be transported without any issues.

If your vehicle has an anti-theft device, it’s essential to inform the military car shipping company. This ensures that they are aware and can take the necessary precautions.

7. Maintaining a Low Fuel Level

While it might seem counterintuitive, maintaining a low fuel level is recommended during the military car shipping process.

A full fuel tank adds unnecessary weight to the vehicle. By keeping the fuel level low (around a quarter tank), you reduce the weight and ensure a smoother military car transport process.

However, it’s essential to have enough fuel in the tank to drive the vehicle to and from the pickup and delivery locations.

8. Ensuring Tire Pressure is Optimal

Tires play a crucial role in the safety and efficiency of the military car shipping process.

Ensuring that the tires are inflated to the recommended pressure is essential. This prevents any potential damage during the loading and unloading processes.

Under-inflated or over-inflated tires can cause issues during transport. It’s best to check the manufacturer’s recommendations and ensure that your tires are in optimal condition.

9. Providing Specific Instructions for Transporters

Every vehicle is unique, and there might be specific instructions that the military car shipping service needs to be aware of.

If your vehicle has any quirks or specific requirements, it’s essential to inform the military car shipping company. This ensures that they can handle your vehicle with the care it deserves.

Whether it’s a hidden ignition switch or a particular way to start the vehicle, providing clear instructions ensures a smooth military car transport process.

10. Keeping a Spare Key and Understanding its Importance

Lastly, always provide the military car shipping service with a spare key to your vehicle.

This ensures that they can access and move your vehicle if necessary. It’s always a good idea to keep the original key with you for safety.

Understanding the importance of this step ensures that there are no unnecessary delays or issues during the military car shipping process.

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Insurance and Safety Measures

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Ensuring the safety of your vehicle during transport is paramount. While military car shipping companies are experts in their field, it’s essential to understand the insurance and safety measures in place. This knowledge provides peace of mind and ensures that your vehicle is in safe hands.

1. Verifying the Transport Company’s Insurance Policy

Before entrusting your vehicle to any car shipping company, it’s crucial to verify their insurance policy. A reputable military car shipping company will have comprehensive insurance coverage to protect against potential damages during transport.

Every transport company should be willing to provide proof of their insurance policy. This documentation will detail the extent of coverage, ensuring that in the unlikely event of damage, you’re not left bearing the costs. Always ensure that the insurance amount adequately covers the value of your vehicle.

2. Understanding Coverage and Limitations

While most military car shipping services offer insurance, it’s essential to understand the specifics of the coverage and any limitations.

Different policies might have varying deductibles, coverage limits, or exclusions. For instance, some policies might cover external damages but not internal mechanical issues resulting from transport. Being well-informed ensures that you’re not caught off guard should any issues arise.

3. The Significance of Additional Coverage for High-Value Vehicles

For those with luxury or high-value vehicles, standard insurance coverage might not suffice. In such cases, considering additional coverage is prudent.

Many military car shipping companies offer supplementary insurance packages tailored for high-value vehicles. This additional coverage ensures that your prized possession receives the protection it deserves, providing an extra layer of security and peace of mind.

4. Safety Protocols Followed by “Military Car Shipping”

Safety is at the core of every reputable car shipping company. “Military Car Shipping” prides itself on its stringent safety protocols, ensuring every vehicle’s secure transport.

From the moment your vehicle is loaded onto the transport truck to its final destination, every step is meticulously planned. The use of modern equipment, trained personnel, and adherence to safety regulations ensures that your vehicle is in the best hands throughout its journey.

5. Addressing Common Concerns and Misconceptions

When it comes to vehicle transport, many military personnel have concerns and misconceptions. Some believe that their vehicles are more prone to damage during transport, while others might be wary of potential hidden costs.

It’s essential to address these concerns head-on. A transparent military car shipping service will provide clarity on all processes, ensuring that you’re well-informed and comfortable with the transport process.

Post-Transport Steps and Checks

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Once your vehicle has been transported, the process isn’t over. There are essential post-transport steps and checks to ensure your vehicle’s safety and maintain its condition.

1. Receiving Your Vehicle at the Destination

Upon arriving at your destination, it’s crucial to be present during the vehicle’s unloading. This allows you to immediately assess its condition and ensure that it matches the pre-transport state.

If you’re unable to be present, consider appointing a trusted individual to receive the vehicle on your behalf. This ensures that there’s no delay in the vehicle’s receipt and that any potential issues are promptly addressed.

2. Conducting a Post-Transport Inspection

After receiving your vehicle, conduct a thorough post-transport inspection. Compare its condition to the pre-transport documentation to identify any discrepancies.

While reputable car shipping companies ensure the utmost care, it’s always prudent to double-check. Any issues, no matter how minor, should be documented and reported to the military car shipping company for resolution.

3. Addressing Any Potential Issues or Damages

In the unlikely event that your vehicle incurs damage during transport, it’s essential to address it promptly. Contact the military car shipping service, provide documented evidence of the damage, and discuss the next steps.

Reputable companies will have a streamlined process for handling such claims, ensuring that any damages are addressed and resolved efficiently.

4. Feedback and Communication With the Transport Company

Your feedback is invaluable to military car shipping companies. Whether your experience was positive or there were areas of improvement, sharing your insights helps enhance the service for future military personnel.

Open communication channels ensure that any concerns are addressed, fostering a relationship of trust and transparency between you and the car shipping company.

5. Tips for Maintaining Your Vehicle Post-Transport

After receiving your vehicle, it’s essential to maintain its condition. Regular checks, timely servicing, and adherence to maintenance schedules ensure that your vehicle remains in optimal condition, ready for any future transports or journeys.

Why Choose Military Car Shipping Services?

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At Military Car Shipping, we pride ourselves on offering unparalleled services tailored specifically for the unique needs of our military personnel. Understanding the challenges and demands of military life, our services are designed to provide a seamless, stress-free experience from start to finish.

1. Comprehensive Vehicle Transport Solutions

  • Nationwide Coverage: Whether you’re relocating within the continental U.S. or stationed overseas, our extensive network ensures your vehicle reaches its destination.
  • Diverse Fleet: From sedans and SUVs to specialized military vehicles, our diverse fleet can handle a wide range of vehicle types, ensuring safe and efficient transport.
  • Timely Deliveries: We understand the time-sensitive nature of military postings. Our commitment to punctuality ensures your vehicle is delivered within the stipulated timeframe.

2. Specialized Services for Military Personnel

  • Discounted Rates: In appreciation of your service, we offer exclusive military discounts, ensuring affordability without compromising on quality.
  • Dedicated Support: Our dedicated military support team is available round the clock to address any queries or concerns, ensuring a smooth shipping process.
  • Customized Solutions: Every military move is unique. We offer tailored solutions, from pick-up locations to delivery preferences, ensuring your specific needs are met.

3. Safety and Security as a Priority

  • Insurance Coverage: Every vehicle we transport is covered by comprehensive insurance, providing peace of mind against unforeseen damages.
  • State-of-the-Art Equipment: Our modern fleet, equipped with the latest safety features, ensures your vehicle’s safe and secure transport.
  • Trained Personnel: Our team undergoes rigorous training, ensuring they’re equipped to handle any challenges that arise during the transport process.

4. Transparent and Hassle-Free Process

  • Real-Time Tracking: Stay updated on your vehicle’s whereabouts with our real-time tracking system, providing transparency and peace of mind.
  • No Hidden Fees: Our transparent pricing structure ensures there are no surprise costs. The quote you receive is what you pay.
  • Easy Booking: Our user-friendly booking system ensures a hassle-free reservation process, allowing you to schedule your vehicle’s transport with just a few clicks.

5. Beyond Just Vehicle Shipping

  • Storage Solutions: If you’re not immediately available to receive your vehicle, we offer secure storage solutions, ensuring your vehicle’s safety until you’re ready.
  • Maintenance Checks: Before transport, our team conducts a thorough check, ensuring your vehicle is in optimal condition for the journey ahead.
  • Post-Transport Care: Once your vehicle reaches its destination, we offer post-transport maintenance tips and checks, ensuring its longevity and performance.

At Military Car Shipping, our services go beyond mere vehicle transport. We offer a holistic solution, understanding the unique challenges faced by our military personnel. With our commitment to excellence, safety, and customer satisfaction, you can trust us to deliver your vehicle with the utmost care and professionalism.


Navigating the complexities of military life can be challenging, especially when it comes to the logistics of vehicle transport during deployments or relocations. However, with the right knowledge and a trusted partner like Military Car Shipping, the process becomes significantly more manageable.

Our commitment to excellence, combined with our specialized services tailored for military personnel, ensures that your vehicle is in safe hands. We understand the unique challenges you face and are here to make at least one aspect of your journey smooth and stress-free.

Contact Military Car Shipping for a seamless, reliable, and efficient vehicle transport experience. Let us handle the logistics so you can focus on your mission.


What sets Military Car Shipping apart from other vehicle transport services?

Military Car Shipping is specifically tailored to cater to the unique needs of military personnel. With over 20 years of experience, specialized discounts, and a dedicated support team, we ensure a seamless transport experience for our brave servicemen and women.

How do I track my vehicle during transport?

We offer a real-time tracking system that allows you to monitor your vehicle’s whereabouts throughout the transport process, ensuring transparency and peace of mind.

Are there any hidden fees or charges?

No, our pricing structure is transparent. The quote you receive upfront is what you pay, with no surprise costs or hidden fees.

Can Military Car Shipping handle overseas or international vehicle transport?

Yes, our extensive network and diverse fleet can manage both domestic and international vehicle transports, ensuring your vehicle reaches its destination, no matter where it is.

What measures does Military Car Shipping take to ensure the safety of my vehicle?

Safety is our top priority. Every vehicle is covered by comprehensive insurance, transported using state-of-the-art equipment, and handled by rigorously trained personnel. We also conduct thorough pre-transport checks to ensure your vehicle is in optimal condition for the journey.