Shipping a Military POV Overseas

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If you are in the military and will be moving in the near future, consider hiring a professional auto transport company. Shipping your personal vehicle overseas might sound expensive, but it is actually more affordable than you might think. Active duty members and retired veterans are always given a break when it comes to the price of shipping.


POV Transfer Requirements

  • If you do not own the vehicle it must be leased by a dependent or someone in the military
  • The vehicle must be operable and roadworthy
  • If the vehicle is being leased, the shipper must provide a written consent form for transport
  • The vehicle must have four or more wheels unless you are shipping a motorcycle


How to Prepare Your Vehicle for Transport

Wash all dirt and deposits from the vehicle to reveal small damages such as scratches or dents. Mark down all existing damage and give a copy of the inspection report sheet to the individual shipping your vehicle. Make sure the gas tank reads no higher than ¼ of a tank.


Methods Used to Ship a Vehicle Overseas

  • Roll on Roll off Method – This is the least expensive way to ship a vehicle, but it is the most popular way to get the job done. All personal possessions must be removed from the vehicle. Your motorcycle will need to be inspected to ensure it is suitable for transport. After the inspection, your vehicle will be rolled onto the deck of the ship and secured for transport.
  • Container Shipping – This shipping solution is suggested for anyone who has a very expensive or classic auto. It is the most expensive way to ship a vehicle overseas. If you want to transport multiple vehicles, this method is highly recommended. This method also provides the most security against theft and weather.