Use US Army Auto Transport Services to Get Your POV to the Next Base

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Anyone in the U.S. Army knows what it’s like to move around from base to base. The base you’re sent to is ordered by the military and you almost never have a say. Military car transport companies make it easier to ship your POV from one base to the next no matter what branch you’re in. Those in the Army and other branches of the military know how affordable it is to take advantage of auto transport services.

Army Auto Transport

The Process of Shipping a POV

Once you receive your orders and know what base you’re being sent to, start searching for the best military car transporter in town. Make sure they’re familiar with the transport process for military POVs. Shipping a military car requires the proper permission. Your vehicle should be listed under your ownership on your orders from the Army.

After scheduling your transport with a dependable military car shipping company, begin preparing for the date the car is to take off with the transporter. Car shipping companies expect their customers to get the car ready for delivery through them. You should only need about one day to get the car ready according to standard procedure. Your responsibilities may include draining fluids, cleaning and having professional maintenance performed. Preparing the car lessens the risks involved, keeping the vehicles and employees safer.

If you’re shipping the vehicle to a base located overseas, call the country’s U.S. stationed embassy. Ask about the laws in place for U.S. military vehicle imports. They’ll give you precise percentage rates for all the taxes and duties charged on your import. Pay these before the day of transport so you can receive approval for the car to ship. They will also tell you how to better prepare for the car’s transport.