Military Auto Shipping To San Joaquin Depot

DLA Distribution San Joaquin, California is DoD’s western Strategic Distribution Platform and DLA’s primary distribution point to the western United States, Pacific and Indian Ocean regions. The distribution center coordinates global materiel distribution and other logistics activities in support of U.S. forces worldwide. They warehouse and manage assigned DLA and Service materiel and optimize downstream supply chain activities in order to deliver what the warfighter needs on time. The Distribution Center stores over 426,000 different stock numbers valued at over $6.8 billion. In FY 2016 alone, 1.7 million line items valued at $3.8 billion were shipped to customers around the world.

The depot originated in 1942 as part of the Army’s Quartermaster system and has supported every major war and many contingency operations over the past seven decades from World War II to the current operations in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as several humanitarian relief efforts around the world. Today, DLA Distribution San Joaquin is the second largest of 25 distribution centers subordinate to DLA Distribution, headquartered in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania.

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Auto Shipping Options We Offer in San Joaquin Depot

Motorcycle Transport:

We arrange your Motorcycle shipment from San Joaquin Deport to anywhere. Even though we are involved in various military and army car shipping, we have a special experience when it comes to motorcycle. And unlike automobiles, we ship your motorcycle in a specially designed enclosed motorcycle transporters vehicle.


Whatever international destination, we got you covered. We can assist you with your auto shipping. Our process starts by you obtaining an international rate from knowledgeable and qualified agencies. We have designated carrier to transport your vehicle to whatever ports you want. We also guard our clients to understand all the international codes. Our equipped pickup vehicles are readily available to service the needs of our customers.

Open auto shipping

One of the most common method of vehicle transportation is the open auto shipping. This comprises of an open, two-lever carrier that holds about eight to ten vehicles within each transporting. They are transported in line with the specified instructions. We offer a door to door planning with our clients as well as the unloading and loading to nearby ports. All vehicles on our carrier are insured. We are a licensed broker that arranges your ATV/UTV, classic cars transportation nationwide.

Station to Station Car Shipping

For clients who don’t have enough space either at home or on their boulevard for our drivers to drop off or pick up a car, our station to station facilities is undoubtedly the better choice for you.

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