Military Auto Shipping To Kansas Regional Training Institute

The Kansas Regional Training Institute Army base located in Salina, in the state of Kansas.

The Kansas Regional Training Institute provides a variety of skills training to soldiers of the Army National Guard. The KSRTI provides Ordnance, Military Occupational Skill, Additional Skill Identifier, Officer Candidate School and Noncommissioned Officer Education System Training for the U.S. Army (Army National Guard, Army Reserve, and Active Component) for a nine-state region under The Total Army School System (TASS). Additionally, it provides billeting, training support, weapons ranges, training areas and annual training billeting for Department of Defense (DoD), Kansas National Guard (KSNG), and federal, state, and local government agencies.


Why Choose Us?

When selecting a car mover to use for transporting your automobile, certain qualities are important, and you are guaranteed all these and more. Here are some things you stand to enjoy when you choose us:

  • High Quality Service: We understand the investment put in the purchase of a vehicle, and we make sure to handle them with care. Our customer service is great, and attends to all the information needs of our clients. We put you first; we exist to serve you.
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Auto Shipping Options We Offer toPueblo Chemical Depot

Door-to-Door Car Shipping

With our door-to-door shipping option, clients don’t have to wait to meet drivers all day. It is very convenient, as the vehicle is picked up from its exact location and delivered at a specified address too. It only costs a bit more when compared to the other option of station-to-station, but the convenience makes it worth it.

Station to Station Car Shipping

If you don’t want the option of having the automobile picked from and delivered to a specific address, you can opt for the station-to-station option. For this, the vehicle will have to be transported to a nearby station, from where we will ship it to another station closest to its destination.

Enclosed vs. Opened Transport Truck

For luxury and very expensive automobiles, you may consider the enclosed carrier option. This guarantees more protection of the vehicles from weather elements and other things in the course of its transportation. Meanwhile, the open carrier option is cheaper, if you are working on a budget.

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