Military Auto Shipping To Camp Roberts

Camp Roberts once served as California National Guard post in California central, the camp is located on two sides of Salina River, both in San Luis Obispo and Monterey counties. Currently, the camp is being used by California Army National Guard. A WWI (First World War) medal recipient ‘Harold W. Roberts’ got the camp named after him. Annual training of California Army National Guard units training is hosted in Camp Roberts.

The camp is a neighbor to unincorporated cities like Oak Shores (Lake Nacimiento), Heritage Ranch, San Miguel and Bradley. Also, camp Roberts is near to only one incorporated city which is Paso Robles. In the year 2014, the camp underwent a major renovation which includes demolition of World War II-era barracks.

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Why Choose Us?

We value the convenience and comfort of US military personnel; we understand that soldiers relocate frequently and it is usually without long notice. We serve to help retired and active soldiers with transportation of their POVs (Privately Owned Vehicles) such as cars, supercars, boats, and motorcycles.

• When your vehicle is in our custody, you do not have anything to worry about its safety, we insure our customers’ treasure.

• We make different combination of shipping services available to our customers.

• Our staffs are experienced workers and they are retrained to keep up with latest industry techniques.

• Our customer reviews often encourage new customers to do business with us.

Auto Shipping Options We Offer in Camp Roberts

We view improvement on our delivery and transportation methods as a continuous process, we do this to serve you better.

Methods of transportation

a. Enclosed

b. Open air


We make use of car mover whose truck is roofed for this purpose, this is done to protect customer’s vehicles from harsh environmental conditions. This is the most preferred method by POVs.

Open air

Military prefers this option except when privacy is a major concern. Uncovered cars which are usually 75 to 85 ft. long, they consume less fuel because of their weight. Open air trucks provide cheap means of vehicle transportation with the cities, especially when safety is not number one priority.

Delivery options are;

a. Door-to-door

b. Terminal-to-terminal


So far there is a safe route that leads to your home, office, barracks, fort, post or base, we will get the job done. By using this delivery option, we will pick up your vehicle and deliver it to next door which is its final destination.


We are found in all seaports in America and in ports that matter across the globe, we ship en route different military bases, posts, forts, and barracks. All that matters is just a trip to any of our terminals, then we take it up from there.

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