Transporting Vehicles as a Military Personnel

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Anyone can avail of vehicle transport services across the country. However, most customer profiles comprise a majority of military personnel who may have to transfer to another station. Relocation can be a huge milestone for any family or military personnel who may require the transfer of their valuables. In this article, we will discover the distinct nature of military vehicle transport.

Transporting your vehicle for the military

There are two general types of vehicle transport when you are in the military. Both originate in the fact that you have to transport your work to another station. It may be inside the continental United States (CONUS) or outside (OCONUS). Either way, you will need to know the two types of transfer for your benefit.

Transporting Vehicles as a Military Personnel

Government-Issued Transport

For vehicles under 20 metric tons, the government may help you transport your vehicle anywhere you may need to. This strict criterion must be met with precision as any vehicle past the threshold is not eligible for the free service. A standard compact vehicle weighs about 10 MT and 15 MT is for a standard-sized vehicle.

Personally Procured Move

If your vehicle fails to meet the requirement, it is not the end of your relocation as you have other options in the form of a Personally Procured Move (PPM). You will have to pay for all the services that are included in the relocation. At the same time, you will be the one sourcing all the required information about the transport and shipment system at your own convenience. It can be overwhelming to process transport process on your own, so you must prepare thoroughly.

Challenges in soldier car transport

It is not surprising that military relocation can be a bit overwhelming as any other type of relocation can be demanding as well. However, there are unique challenges in soldier car transport that you may want to be familiar with to overcome them in your transfer.

Military Personnel Vehicle Transportation

You need to comply with a ton of requirements

Legal papers and procedures must be followed them transferring your vehicle. From the onset of your transfer, you are expected to comply with all the requirements as they can help in proving the legality of your transfer. At the same time, these documents can help in easing the process for you.

  • Shipping forms
  • Eligibility for a government-issued move for your vehicle that is lighter than 20 MT.
  • Completed pre-inspection form from the VPC entrance gate
  • Proof of vehicle ownership
  • A copy of your PCS orders
  • Government-issued identification card

It is recommended to prepare these documents ahead of time to help you prepare for other responsibilities such as cleaning and preparing your vehicle.

Complicated processes

As you may have to deal with a multitude of paperwork, you must also deal with different offices to get to know your assignment. Firstly, you will get notified about your transfer by your immediate superior via your local transportation officer. You must see to it that the assignment given to you was clarified, so you won’t have to get into any trouble some other time.

Benefits of transporting the vehicle

Military shipping is not without its perks. Understanding how complicated processes can help in providing you with the safest route for your transfer. Here are a few ways military shipping is beneficial for you:

Possibly free shipping

As mentioned earlier, relocation for vehicles weighing less than 20 MT can be covered by the government. Your service in the military is more than valuable, so it is just logical to have your services stipend.

Secured transport of the vehicle

With all of the legalities entailed in a PCS, you must know that these process help in easy verification of your vehicle. For example, it can be easier to locate your vehicle and help you acquire them faster as you may not have to go through other lengthy processes.

Process of transporting your vehicle

Process of transporting your vehicle

After receiving the notification for your PCS, you must turn to verify if you can avail of the Government-issued Transport, so the process would not be too hard for you. If you are not eligible, you may start collecting the necessary information about the documents that you may need as listed above. Understanding the assignment is key to the process. Knowing where and when you might need to relocate can help in strategizing the relocation.

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