Transportation of vehicles for car dealerships

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Dealers buying inventory

New and used auto sales are big businesses in the United States. Approximately 250 million new and used cars are sold in the U.S. alone every year. That’s plenty of cars, trucks and SUV’s. There are around 60,000 new and used dealerships in the U.S. that pump out those sales every year. Many of these dealerships buy a large portion of their inventory at auctions in the united states (see; auto auction car transport ). Once purchased, whether at Manheim, Odessa, IAA, or some other of the multiple auto auctions in the United States, the dealer must then transport the vehicle back to his dealership to place it on his / her lot for sale. If you’re a dealership that needs to transport vehicles, feel free to ask us for free car shipping quotes.

Transportation of Vehicles

Dealers selling cars

EBay and Auto Trader have been growing ever since their inception. Buying a vehicle is no longer just going down to your local dealership and picking one out. People today can shop for a new or used car anywhere in the united kingdom via the internet. The only problem is getting that vehicle in the united states after the purchase. Nationwide Auto Transport will be happy to provide anyone with a vehicle transport quote. We will even give a quote before the purchase has been finalized, so the customer can know the final cost of the total transaction. Our customer service is second to none. Feel free to use the quote section on the right!