Mark W., U.S. ARMY

The forms I needed were on the website, the checklist and all the relevant guides to help me. I called, got a quick quote that was covered and all aspects of getting my vehicle to the nearest base were covered. I was very happy with the result.

 Brenda S.,  USAF

We had almost flubbed it from the start with the wrong paperwork but the guy on the phone walked us through it, made sure with had the right form, had us pull up the right one on our computer and we got it all done wright in the end. It was all hectic and stuff with everything else. I’m just glad they took care of us.

Charlie B.,  USMC

Bottom line: they gave me the quite and hit every detail like clock-work. That’s all I wanted. I’ll use them again.

Juan D., USN

I just got my dream car and then I got shipped out. I looked into several companies before I chose Military Shipping. They did an awesome job of keeping my baby safe . Came without a scratch and is the envy of my team.