Rules & Restrictions You Need To Know Before Military POV Shipping

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In the event that you require your POV delivered, either in light of a PCS arrange or for another reason, there are a few restrictions you ought to know about. Contingent upon the conditions, you may fit the bill with the expectation of complimentary transportation with the Department of Defense, however that is not generally a choice. In this blog entry, we’ll investigate the prerequisites and confinements of transportation an exclusive vehicle for individuals from the military. The areas underneath address issues of vehicle size and weight confinements, shipping time allotment, qualification for government-supported POV transport, and what can be delivered inside the vehicle.

Whether you’re moving as a family or without anyone else’s input, this asset from Military One Source has an abundance of supportive data and connections about migrating, both for CONUS and OCONUS perpetual change of station requests.

Vehicle Restrictions – Most standard cars and family autos can be delivered by the administration, yet there are confinements with different sorts of vehicles. RVs, substantial trucks and a few SUVs will be unable to transported at no charge. Certain prerequisites must be met keeping in mind the end goal to deliver a POV, which implies that any adjustments or customizations could be an issue. Any nonstandard or impermanent changes to the vehicle fall into this class and incorporate things like back spoilers, wings, lift packs and body units. Vehicles that surpass 20 cargo tons–which is more than every single standard auto and light rucks–may be rejected from POV dispatching through the DoD, with the exception of under uncommon conditions.

Time period Considerations – For individuals from the Army and Air Force, an exclusive vehicle must be transported inside 90 days of your flight for OCONUS vehicle transportation and 30 days for change of station requests inside the U.S. On the off chance that the shipment is not made inside the distributed time allotment, endorsement must be allowed. Individuals from the Marine Corps and Navy may have a POV transported the length of they have no less than one year of administration staying at their present station when the vehicle arrives.

For the most cutting-edge data about transportation your POV, see this PDF from the U.S. Transportation Command that incorporates current controls as of March 2015.

Qualification For POV Shipping – To transport a POV to the detriment of the administration, you should be an individual from the military, or a retiree or DoD non military personnel that is approved for POV shipment. Qualification is constrained to perpetual change of station requests and applies to just a single vehicle, which must be claimed or rented by you or a ward.

Shipping Personal Items – For the most part, individual things must be expelled from the vehicle before it can be transported. There are a few exemptions for things like devices, extra tires, and baggage racks, however they should be immovably secured. On the off chance that you have any questions with reference to whether something is permitted inside the vehicle while it’s being delivered, it’s a smart thought to contact either the shipper or vehicle preparing station to ensure that you’re excluding anything that will build the cost or postpone shipping times.