Reliable Military Shipping Can Get a Car to Japan Safely

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Reliable Military Shipping

As you’re nearing the day you are to move to a base in Japan, you may want to consider having your car imported. The country of Japan is very lenient in regards to importation compared to other nations. For military personnel, this task is even easier and often more affordable. Many international transport companies will offer discounts to those enlisted in the military.

Get the POV Ready for Take Off

Prepare the military car for its delivery weeks before the transport is scheduled to begin. Trying to have everything prepared and ready according to Japan’s import policy takes some time to complete. On top of gathering the right documentation, the vehicle itself will need to be readied as asked for by the transport company. Opportunely, the transport company helps its customers with process of complying with the foreign import policies. They are also experienced with shipping military cars and dealing with the rules held by the military.

By preparing the vehicle, you are assuring its safety during the shipping process. Those caring for the POV as it travels will also be kept safer with the fulfillment of vehicle prep.

  • Clean the vehicle inside and out. Remove any items that weren’t with the vehicle after it was manufactured unless you are shipping the vehicle through enclosed shipping services.
  • Check the tire pressure and the fluids.
  • Leave the fuel tank less than ¼ full.
  • Document all present damage done to the automobile before its transport. Pictures help too.
  • If asked, disconnect battery and alarm system.

It is your responsibility to make sure that these necessary matters are cared for. This will only make the transport easier on everyone involved. Contact the Embassy of Japan to learn more about import regulations for military vehicles.