Overseas Shipping And The Need For Marine Insurance

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Shipping a car overseas is extremely safe, but accidents can and do happen, and you must be prepared for the worst possible scenario. Take a review the case of the Modern Express. This 164-meter RoRo (roll on, roll off) vessel was on the way to to Le Havre, France when it encountered some nasty weather on January 26, 2016. This caused the vessel to lose stability and list sharply to one side. It was entrust drift 150 nautical miles off the Spanish coast in the Bay of Biscay. While the 22 crew members were evacuated safely, the ship contact list and drift aimlessly toward the French coast, with many concerned it would decline and cause untold environmental devastation. A salvage team was brought in after an air inspection showed the only option was to tow the vessel. On January 29, a four-man salvage team was deposited onto the vessel and attempted to attach a tow line; however, bad weather made this attempt unsuccessful.

They were hoisted off the ship but tried again more or less days subsequent February 3 after reports showed the vessel was just 25 nautical miles off the coast. This time, they were successful in attaching the tow lines, and the Modern Express was towed into the Port of Bilbao. It was moored safely, then ballasting was customary upright the boat. It had been loaded with 3, 600 tons of wood, cars, and construction equipment, representing millions of dollars in damage. Extensive inspections took place over the next several days to sort through the wreckage and determine a feel disposing of the contents again the ship itself.

If your car or construction equipment had been on that RoRo vessel and you had neglected to get the marine insurance, you’d be crumbling right now. If you HAD been smart and purchased marine insurance, you prospective reimbursed for the damages.