Military VPC Locations

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If you are a) currently serving in the military and b) given PCS orders, the military may pay to have your vehicle shipped to your new location. One private government covers one privately owned vehicle (POV’s) shipping costs. Take your car to the VPC in your area first, which will initiate transferring it to your new permanent location (VPC).

What is VPC?

The Vehicle Processing Center (VPC) is where all vehicles go to be processed. You must bring your vehicle to this location to be shipped outside the continental United States. You are only permitted to send the one car the military has allowed you to ship when utilizing the VPC.

Military VPC Locations

VPC Shipping Locations

Using the nearest VPC shipping port will ensure a smooth POV shipment. You will find 14 potential drop-off points for your transportation project in this list:


  • 11433 Woodside Ave, Santee, CA 92071.
  • 14611 S. Broadway St, Gardena, CA 90248.


  • 300 Latouche St, Anchorage, AK 99501
  • 5250 Airport Industrial Rd, Fairbanks, AK 99709

South Carolina:

  • 3601 N. Meeting St., North Charleston, SC 29405.


  • 3025 Sylvan Road, Atlanta, GA. 30354.


  • 17079 Midway Road, Odenton, MD 21113.


  • 11262 Boggy Creek Rd, Orlando, FL 32824


  • 957 Heinz Way, Grand Prairie, TX 75051.


  • 654 Milwaukee Ave. N, Algona, WA 98001.


  • 1215 Executive Blvd, Chesapeake, VA 23320.


  • 13918 St. Charles Rock Rd, Bridgeton, MO 63044.


  • 14777 E 35th Pl, Aurora, CO 80011
Documents Needed to Ship Your POV

Documents Needed to Ship Your POV

The second most challenging part of shipping a POV at the VPC is ensuring you have all the necessary paperwork. Make sure you print out everything you need to. Additionally, your orders must mention that you are permitted to ship a vehicle. You should acquire one immediately if you already have an adjusted version of your orders. Preparing the necessary paperwork ahead of time can make transporting your automobile much simpler:

  • Military ID and State Issued ID.
  • Legible copy of your title (front & back) – this is if you own your POV.
  • The shipper Acknowledgement Form and Pre-Shipment Instructions Form were completed and printed.
  • Proof that there is no product recalls on this website’s printout.
  • Any updates to the orders in one convenient package?
  • Proof of Lien and Permission to Release Lien Letter.
  • Proof of Lien and Permission to Release Lien Letter.
  • You should bring your registration information even if they don’t explicitly request it.
  • If any individual other than the military officer is returning the car, they must have either a power of attorney or a letter of permission.

How To Prepare Your POV For Shipping

You must undertake various preparations before handing in your car for it to be shipped:

  • You should give your car a good wash and empty the contents before exporting it.
  • Take out the trash and clear up any space under the seats, trunk, and doors.
  • All debris and dust must be removed by vacuuming the car’s interior and trunk.
  • Take down your rearview mirror decorations and any air fresheners you may have.
  • Shippers need vehicles to have less than a quarter tank of gas.
  • When returning the car, please provide all of the keys. The car’s gas cap key, spare tire key, and wheel lock are also included.
  • The car needs to be in perfect working order.
  • Only one vehicle can be shipped at taxpayer expense, and that vehicle can’t weigh more than 20 metric tons (MT). A small automobile weighs around 9 MT, while a full-size car weighs approximately 15 MT. The service member is responsible for paying any additional fees associated with transporting automobiles if their vehicle weighs more than 20 metric tons.

You don’t need to worry about anything because the Vehicle processing center will make it possible for you to check all of your calculations before the shipment.

How To Prepare Your POV For Shipping

Take Away

With the help of the VPC locations, you won’t have to worry about paying an auto shipping company to have your vehicle transported. Since the government is paid to have one of your vehicles transported, the VPC location is the best choice. All you have to do is choose a location close to you, get all your necessary documents ready, and make sure you take the needed step to prepare your vehicle for shipping. Also note that a thorough inspection will be done once your car is in the VPC location, and if it passes the check, you can be eligible to ship your vehicle.