There Are Many Military Overseas Car Shipping Locations – We Have You Covered!

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Car Shipping Locations

Shipping a car from the United States to another nation is a lot easier than you would think. Actually, military personnel, dealerships and all types of people use international shipping services on a regular basis. It is a cost effective and secure way to get your car from one country to the next.

As a member of the armed forces, auto transports are probably not unfamiliar to you. In some cases, shipping a military vehicle overseas might be extremely difficult or even impossible. Fortunately, there are very little restrictions placed on the vehicles imported into the country. To ship your military car from the U.S. to another country, begin by finding a reputable and trustworthy transporter for the job. Make sure they’re experienced in military transport and have the ability to deliver to locations all over the globe.

Shipping Your POV…

After booking your date of transport, start preparing yourself and the vehicle for the day it is set to leave with the shipping company. Make sure that you have all the right documentation to provide as proof to Customs. This means that the receipt for your paid taxes should also be included. Since you are enlisted in the U.S. military, you likely qualify for discounts and other promotions.

If you wish to take advantage of door to door services, make sure you let the transport company know that the vehicle is stored on a military base. To retrieve a vehicle off base, special permits are required. The transporter will need permission to enter the base and get the car before it can be picked up for its transport overseas.