Military Movement Overseas? – Here are some mistakes to learn from !!

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Moving to a new duty station perhaps a really fun and exciting time for many families. Military moves overseas are challenging, difficult and stressful, still you are truly excited about your new duty station. We just PCS’d to Okinawa, Japan and it was a whirlwind to say the least. Preparing emotionally in the months aim our move was an understatement to say the least.
There is decidedly we overlooked and wish we would’ve done differently looking back. The creed is we made it in one piece. The other doctrine is I am going to share our mistakes with you so you can avoid them if you are forecast future military moves overseas.

1. Store your vehicles if you cannot bring them.
If you maintain your vehicles well and they are beneficial, I would recommend storing your vehicles, although you need to pay storage insurance while overseas. Moving overseas in a certain degree puts you in an awkward predicament when it comes to selling a vehicle.

Typically, you need your vehicle up until very practically your move date, which is a lesser ideal situation when it comes to negotiating a good sales price. Time isn’t on your side and you are more leaning sell your vehicle for subject it is truly worth. I receive storing your vehicles.

2. Evaluate how much you REALLY need to bring.
One of the things that we really overlooked was what we should and shouldn’t bring. The fact that the government would issue us furniture during our tour in Japan slipped our mind. I don’t think we would’ve brought nearly as much stuff had we remembered that.
Even items like beds and mattresses, the government provided us with what sound a pristine bedroom disagree use until our own items arrived. When we saw entire made us wonder why we shipped our own stuff inserted around the world.

3. DO use non-temporary storage.
When moving overseas the government will usually move items you don’t must take overseas to non-temporary storage and keep it there until you recapitulate the states. They cursory and store it at no cost to you. We opted to use our enclosed trailer and drove it back to the Midwest to store at my in-laws house.

Government storage is not climate controlled, and we were concerned the hot and humid summer would have a negative guide our furniture. At any rate, moving our stuff back to my in-laws was a lot of additional disturb our part, and we must move it to our new home once we restore the states.

I’m not sure that it pay the additional work. Non-temporary storage feature a much simpler, practical plan.


4. A few words about pets.
We did not have pets, but if you do, be weary of hefty expenses surround on you. If the government books you on a flight and there is no room for your pets, you still must take the flight. This means you will need to drive to get your pets overseas (if you choose hassle so) and you will be causing paying all expenses.

This can run thousands of dollars. Seriously. I’m not saying don’t get a pet or bring pets overseas. Just keep this in mind if you have pets or are considering getting a pet.