Military Car Transport Problems You May Face without Preparation of the POV

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Any man or woman with a history in the military has had to take advantage of military car transport through professionals. Of course, you could choose to take on this task by yourself, but it wouldn’t be worth it. Without the proper equipment or training, you could easily damage your POV or find yourself financially drained after all is said and done.

Going through professionals familiar with military car transport is the best way to get your car shipped to the next base you are ordered to. Whether it’s overseas or in another state in the U.S., you can find affordable and dependable car shipping services. As you search for the right transporter to ship your car, make sure they have military shipping experience.

Preparing Your POV for Transport

  • Wash the exterior of the car. There shouldn’t be any signs of dirt or grime.
  • Clean it out. Take out all items that weren’t manufactured with the car. Any extra weight could increase the cost of shipping services. If you chose open air transport to, only the floor mats, car jack and spare tire may remain inside the POV.
  • Look at all fluids. All fluids should be topped off except the fuel. The fuel tank should read ¼ full or less.
  • Make sure all tires are full of the right amount of air.
  • Take pictures of the inside and outside of the vehicle. Write down any damages it already suffers from. This can be used as a reference during your final inspection when the car has finally arrived at its destination on base.