Find The Best Military Car Shipping Services To Alaska And Hawaii

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For military personnel, the call of duty often means relocating to far-flung bases, sometimes in locations as remote as Alaska or Hawaii. Amidst the whirlwind of such moves, the logistics of transporting personal vehicles can become a daunting task. Military Car Shipping is a specialized service tailored to the unique needs of our nation’s defenders.

With Military Car Shipping at the helm, our servicemen and women can rest easy, knowing their vehicles are in expert hands. With over two decades of dedicated service, we’ve become the trusted choice for countless military families making the move to these beautiful but distant American states.

In this guide, we’ll unravel the intricacies of military car shipping, offering insights, tips, and a deep dive into what makes our service stand out. Join us as we journey through the world of military vehicle transportation to the breathtaking landscapes of Alaska and Hawaii.

Benefits of Choosing Military Car Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii

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When it comes to relocating, military personnel often face unique challenges. Among these challenges is the transportation of their privately owned vehicles. This is where the benefits of choosing specialized military car shipping services come into play.

1. Ensured Safety and Reliability

Military car shipping services prioritize the safety and reliability of the vehicles they transport. With a track record of transporting military vehicles, they have established protocols to ensure that every car reaches its destination without damage. Moreover, their commitment to reliability means that military personnel can trust that their vehicle will arrive on time every time.

The auto transport industry has its complexities, but with a focus on military car shipping, these services have honed their processes to perfection. They understand the value of a privately owned vehicle to a service member and ensure its safe transit every step of the way.

2. In-depth Knowledge of Military Protocols

Understanding military protocols is crucial when shipping vehicles to the armed forces. Military car shipping services are well-versed in the requirements and guidelines set by different branches, be it the Air Force or the Navy.

This expertise ensures that the shipping process aligns with military standards. From the initial pickup to the final delivery, every step is in sync with the needs of military personnel, ensuring a hassle-free experience for them.

3. Exclusive Discounts for Military Personnel

Recognizing the sacrifices made by our armed forces, many military car shipping services offer exclusive military discounts. These discounts can significantly reduce the cost of shipping, making it more affordable for service members.

Whether it’s a short-term relocation or a long-term posting, these discounts can make a considerable difference in the overall cost. It’s a way for the auto transport industry to give back to those who serve our nation.

4. Streamlined Shipping Process

Time is of the essence for active duty service members. Recognizing this, military car shipping services have streamlined their processes. From the moment a service member books their car shipment, everything is set in motion to ensure quick and efficient transport.

With a focus on efficiency, these services ensure that military personnel don’t have to worry about delays or complications. Their vehicle is in safe hands, and the shipping process is as smooth as possible.

5. Personalized Customer Service

Every military member’s situation is unique. Whether it’s a family car or a vehicle essential for their duty, military car shipping services offer personalized customer service to cater to individual needs.

With a dedicated team ready to assist, service members can get answers to their queries and solutions to their concerns promptly. This personalized approach ensures that every military car transport is tailored to the specific needs of the service member.

The Process of Shipping to Alaska and Hawaii

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Shipping a car overseas, especially to locations like Alaska and Hawaii, requires a thorough understanding of the process. Here’s a breakdown of what military personnel can expect.

1. Steps to Prepare Your Vehicle

Preparing your vehicle for shipping is crucial. It involves cleaning the car, ensuring it’s in good working condition, and removing any personal items. This not only ensures the safety of the vehicle but also helps in the efficient inspection of the car by the shipping company.

Additionally, certain checks, like ensuring the car’s battery is fully charged and that all fluids are at their proper levels, can prevent potential issues during transit. Proper preparation can make the difference between a smooth shipping experience and potential complications.

2. Essential Documentation and Its Importance

Documentation is a critical aspect of the car shipping process. Military personnel need to provide specific papers, like the lien holder authorization letter, to ensure the vehicle’s smooth transit. Proper documentation serves as proof of ownership and ensures that the shipping company can legally transport the car.

Moreover, having all the necessary documents ready can speed up the shipping process. It reduces the chances of delays and ensures that the vehicle reaches its destination as scheduled.

3. Pickup, Transit, and Delivery Explained

The journey of a car from its pickup point to its destination involves several steps. Once the vehicle is prepared and documented, it’s picked up by the shipping company. Depending on the service chosen, this could be from the service member’s home or a designated location.

During transit, the vehicle is safely secured in a carrier, ensuring its safety. On reaching the destination, the car undergoes a final inspection before being handed over. This end-to-end service ensures that military personnel can focus on their duties, knowing their vehicle is in safe hands.

4. Tracking Mechanisms for Peace of Mind

One of the significant concerns for military personnel is the whereabouts of their vehicle during transit. Recognizing this, military car shipping services offer advanced tracking mechanisms. These systems allow service members to monitor their car’s journey, giving them peace of mind.

Whether the vehicle is en route to a base in Hawaii or a remote location in Alaska, real-time tracking ensures that military personnel are always in the loop.

5. Dealing With Delays and Challenges

While military car shipping services strive for timely deliveries, unforeseen challenges can sometimes cause delays. Whether it’s due to weather conditions or logistical issues, it’s essential to know how these services handle such challenges.

With a focus on communication, these services ensure that military personnel are informed of any delays. Moreover, they have contingency plans in place to address challenges, ensuring that the vehicle reaches its destination safely, even if a bit delayed.

Cost Implications and Discounts

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Understanding the cost implications of shipping a vehicle is crucial for military personnel. Here’s a breakdown of the factors that influence the cost and the discounts available.

1. Primary Factors Determining Cost

Several factors determine the cost of shipping a vehicle. The size and weight of the car, the distance it needs to be transported, and the type of carrier chosen (open or enclosed) all play a role in the final cost.

Additionally, the specific location, especially when shipping to remote areas in Alaska or Hawaii, can influence the price. It’s essential to get a clear breakdown of these factors to understand the overall cost.

2. Role of Distance and Specific Locations

The distance a vehicle needs to be transported is a primary factor in determining the cost. Shipping a car from the mainland to Hawaii will have different cost implications compared to a shorter distance within the mainland.

Moreover, specific locations, especially those that are hard to access, can add to the cost. It’s essential to factor in these location-specific charges when budgeting for car shipping.

3. Breakdown of Military Discounts

As a gesture of gratitude for their service, many car shipping companies offer military discounts. These discounts can significantly reduce the overall cost of shipping, making it more affordable for military personnel.

Whether it’s a percentage of the total cost or a fixed amount, these discounts can make a considerable difference. It’s essential to inquire about these discounts and understand their terms to make the most of them.

4. Cost Comparison With Other Shipping Options

While military car shipping services offer specialized services, it’s beneficial to compare their costs with other shipping options. This comparison can give military personnel a clear idea of the value they’re getting.

Factors like the speed of delivery, safety measures in place, and additional services offered can influence the decision. A comprehensive cost comparison ensures that military personnel choose the best option for their needs.

5. Hidden Costs and How to Avoid Them

While most car shipping companies offer transparent pricing, it’s essential to be aware of potential hidden costs. These could be in the form of additional charges for specific services or fees not mentioned upfront.

By asking the right questions and reading the fine print, military personnel can ensure that they’re not caught off guard by unexpected charges. A clear understanding of the total cost, including any potential hidden fees, ensures a smooth shipping experience.

Tips for a Smooth Car Shipping Experience

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Shipping a car, especially for military personnel, can be a daunting task. However, with the right tips and guidance, the process can be smooth and hassle-free.

1. Importance of Cleaning and Maintenance

Before shipping a car, it’s essential to ensure it’s clean and well-maintained. A clean car allows for a thorough inspection, ensuring that any pre-existing damages are documented. Regular maintenance checks, like ensuring the battery is charged and checking fluid levels, can prevent potential issues during transit.

A well-maintained car not only ensures a smooth shipping process but also ensures that the vehicle is ready to use once it reaches its destination.

2. Guidelines for Removing Personal Items

While it might be tempting to use the car as additional storage during shipping, it’s essential to remove all personal items. Not only can these items move around and potentially damage the interior, but they also add weight to the vehicle, which can influence the cost.

By following the guidelines provided by the shipping company, military personnel can ensure that their car is prepared for shipping without any issues.

3. Ensuring Proper Documentation: A Checklist

Proper documentation is crucial for a smooth car shipping experience. From proof of ownership to any necessary permits, having all the required documents ready can speed up the shipping process.

A checklist provided by the shipping company can guide military personnel through the documentation process. By ensuring that all papers are in order, they can avoid potential delays and complications.

4. Effective Communication With the Shipping Company

Communication is key to a smooth car shipping experience. By staying in touch with the shipping company, military personnel can stay updated on their car’s status and address any concerns promptly.

Whether it’s about potential delays, tracking the vehicle, or any other queries, effective communication ensures that there are no surprises during the shipping process.

5. Post-shipment Steps and Checks

Once the vehicle reaches its destination, there are specific checks and steps that military personnel should follow. From inspecting the car for any damages to ensuring all documentation is in order, these post-shipment steps ensure that the vehicle is ready for use.

Why Choose Military Car Shipping for Premier Service?

When it comes to transporting your prized vehicle, especially amidst the challenges of military relocations, you need a service that understands your unique needs. Enter Military Car Shipping, a service tailored for our brave men and women in uniform.

  • Unparalleled Expertise: With over two decades in the auto transport industry, we’ve honed our skills and processes to offer a seamless shipping experience. Our team is trained to handle the specific challenges that come with military car shipping, ensuring your vehicle is in safe hands.
  • Nationwide Network: Whether you’re relocating within the mainland or heading to distant locations like Alaska or Hawaii, our expansive network ensures timely and efficient delivery. Our presence in major cities and proximity to military bases makes us the go-to choice for countless service members.
  • Dedicated Support: We pride ourselves on our personalized customer service. From the moment you reach out to us till your vehicle is safely delivered, our team is with you every step of the way, addressing queries and offering updates.
  • Affordable Solutions: Recognizing the sacrifices made by our armed forces, we offer competitive pricing and exclusive military discounts. Our transparent pricing ensures no hidden costs, giving you the best value for your money.
  • Safety First: Your vehicle’s safety is our top priority. Our carriers are equipped with state-of-the-art security measures, and our drivers are trained to handle all types of vehicles. With Military Car Shipping, you can rest assured that your vehicle will reach its destination in the same condition it was handed over.


Relocating, especially as a member of the armed forces, comes with its set of challenges. Among these, ensuring the safe and timely transportation of your vehicle shouldn’t be an added stress. With Military Car Shipping, you’re choosing a service that understands the intricacies of military relocations.

Our dedicated team, expansive network, and commitment to excellence ensure that your vehicle is in the best hands. As you embark on your next journey, let us handle the logistics of your vehicle transportation. Contact Military Car Shipping for a hassle-free experience.


How long does the military car shipping process typically take?

Depending on the distance and specific location, the shipping process can vary. However, we always strive for timely deliveries and keep our clients updated throughout the transit.

Are there any specific preparations I need to make before shipping my car?

We recommend cleaning your vehicle and removing any personal items. It’s also essential to ensure that the car is in good working condition and that all necessary documentation is ready.

What if my vehicle gets damaged during transit?

While we take utmost care to ensure the safety of your vehicle, in the rare event of any damage, our comprehensive insurance coverage will address any repair costs.

Can I track my vehicle during shipping?

Absolutely! We offer advanced tracking mechanisms that allow you to monitor your car’s journey in real-time, giving you peace of mind.

Do you offer any discounts for active military members?

Yes, we recognize and appreciate the sacrifices made by our armed forces. We offer exclusive military discounts to make the shipping process more affordable for our service members.