Military Car Shipping in Orlando, FL Can Save You the Hassle

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There is only one inexpensive and safe way to ship out a military owned vehicle out of Orlando, Florida. Professional military car transport is the absolute best and safest way to have a vehicle delivered anywhere in the world, even if it’s delivered to the neighboring state. Find a reputable military transport company to deliver your vehicle to the next base for you.

Shipping Services Offered to Deliver Your POV

  • Enclosed Transport – This is also referred to as the container method. The car is placed inside a large shipping container where it is secured. The vehicle and the remaining container space can have other belongings stored in them for the transport.
  • Door to Door Delivery – This convenient method means that the POV’s picked up from its home and delivered to the door of its next home.
  • Terminal to Terminal Delivery – This method is very safe, reliable and cost effective. It’s considered less convenient for those who do not live near the terminal where the car’s delivered to. Most of the time, there are military ports that the transporter will use.
  • Open Air Transport – This is also a very popular method. As long as the customer does not mind that their car is exposed to the elements, it will arrive at its destination in a safe and timely manner.

What Must I Do Before the Transport?

Every Orlando military transport company has their own list of requests that they will hold you responsible for. These are small requirements that only assure the security of the car and those delivering it.

  • Clean the POV of all dirt
  • Remove any lose objects, household goods, and accessories
  • Disconnect the alarm system
  • Check the fluids, tire pressure and battery
  • Gas reading should not be above ¼ tank before transport
  • Document and list all damages on the car