Military Auto Shipping To Yuma Proving Ground (YPG)

The United States Army facility at Yuma Proving Ground (YPG), Arizona, is one of the world largest military installations. In southwestern Arizona, the installation is situated in Western Yuma County and southwestern La Paz County. At about 48km due northeast of the city of Yuma, the ground is used for carrying out military equipment testing and it consists of 3,387.2 square kilometers in the northwestern part of Sonoran Desert. Nearly all weapon system used in ground combat arsenal are tested at the proving ground. Due to its seclusion from the urban area and low noise, munitions and artillery systems are tested at YPG. It has restricted airspace of 5,000 km square and more than 3,000 people (mostly civilians) are employed by YPG.

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Why Choose Us?

It is normal for the member of the military to be posted or transferred, usually with short notice. We understand the challenges of military life and the sacrifices. This is why we offer cheap quotes to veterans and active members of United States of America Armed forces.

• We ensure that all vehicles in our custody are adequately protected with our comprehensive insurance plan

• All car movers and ships are adequately tracked by ultramodern GPS, this will enable us to provide information as regard vehicle position to customers, while in transit.

• We offer two types of storage facilities to our customers, long and short term storage.

Auto Shipping Options We Offer in Yuma Proving Ground (YPG)

Methods of transportation:


This is usually not demanded in the transportation of military vehicles like armored vehicles, except privately owned vehicles. Trailers used for this purpose are roofed or completely covered to increase protection, this service is preferred by companies or private owners of classic cars.

Open air

It can transport more vehicles than enclosed car movers per trip, it is more fuel efficient, therefore, pollution is minimized and it is cheaper due to its weight and number of cars that it can move per trip.

Delivery options

•  Terminal-to-terminal

If any of our terminals is close to you, it is advisable that you leverage on this option, especially if you have a slim budget. Then we ensure that your vehicle is delivered to a terminal which is close to its final destination.

•  Door-to-door

Company truck will be sent down to your base to pick up your automobiles and deliver to your new base. We care so much about your comfort and convenience so much, whenever it is time to move to another location, let move with you.

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