Military Auto Shipping To Vermont

The north-eastern part of US has Vermont as part of its state, Vermont is famous for its natural landscape, which is basically forested. As part of the New England region, it is well-known for being the harbor of more than hundred nineteenth century covered wooden bridges, and no US state produces maple syrup more than Vermont. Several if it mountains terrain are intersected by hiking trails and skiing slopes.

Why Choose Us?

Oftentimes, one of the qualities that influence the decision of customers is experience, that is, how long the company has been in the industry. We pride ourselves as one of the most experienced companies in shipping industry, as far as automobile shipping is concerned, our customer service is one of its kind and we have high level of customer satisfaction, which is the reason why many customers keep coming back to do business with us and go as far as referring their loved ones to us. What more can you desire from a company that you intend to employ for your car, boats, and motorcycle shipping? Also, we have a good record in military vehicle transportation.

• We deliver top-notch services at a cheap price to our customers, we do this irrespective of the method of transportation and delivery services that you opt for.

• We adhere strictly to government regulation as regard shipping industry, as well as environmental laws.

• Tracking devices are installed in all our car movers and ships, we desire to provide real-time information to you as your automobiles are moved to its final destination.

• We do all our best to ensure that your vehicles are adequately covered by our insurance plans.

Auto Shipping Options We Offer in Vermont

We have arrays of service combination that you can choose from, depending on your comfort and estimates, but we surely have something for everyone.

Transportation methods

a. Open air

b. Enclosed

Open air transportation method

It is not really different from enclosed method, except that car movers used in such operations are not covered, the fact that trucks are not covered makes your vehicle vulnerable to scratch by external objects. Also, it is cheaper than enclosed because the truck are lighter and less fuel is consumed.

Enclosed transportation method

Your vehicle will be safeguarded from foreign objects because the car mover which it is transported with is totally covered. Nevertheless, it cost more than open air transportation.

Our delivery Options are;

a. Terminal-to-terminal

b. Door-to-door


It requires that our customers bring their automobiles to any of our terminals that are close to them, it is our duty to transport it to another terminal where it can be retrieved.


When this service is demanded by our customers, we simply come to pick up your vehicles and deliver it to your preferred door.

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