Military Auto Shipping To Utah

Utah is located at western part of United States of America, and it is blessed with huge expanses of desert and the Wasatch Range Mountains. Its capital (Salt Lake) encompasses Temple Square which is Mormon Church headquarters. Also, the capital is famous for the site of majestic tabernacle and temple which is synonymous with its celebrated choir and massive dome. The Great Salt Lake’s waters draw attentions of sunbathers and swimmers, most especially at Antelope Island State park.

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Why Choose Us?

One of the qualities that influence customers decision is experience, they feel more secure with companies that have years of industry experience. We have several years of industry experience as far as car shipping or automobile transportation is concerned, our relationship with our customers cannot be contested. Before you ship that car, boat, military vehicle, motorcycle, think about a company that will guarantee the safety of your vehicles.

• We deliver quality service to our customers at a very affordable price, we have this edge over our competitors

• Provision of modern tracking device enables our customers to monitor the current location of their automobiles during shipping, whether on land or water.

• We remain in the industry due to our respect for rule of law and regulation in the shipping industry.

• Our insurance policy is second to none, we provide comprehensive insurance for your vehicles, so you have nothing to worry about.

Auto Shipping Options We Offer in Utah

It doesn’t matter what your choice of transportation is, between an open or enclosed method of transportation, we provide both.

Open air transportation method

When you see a car mover (truck) on the road and the good that is carrying is visible of the eyes of the public, this is a typical example of open air transportation. It is the cheapest means of transportation due to the fact that such open car movers are usually lighter than covered ones. However, your vehicles are prone to be scratched during transportation.

Enclosed method of transportation

The car movers are fully covered to protect the privacy of your car and any external object that may scratch it while in transit. The kind of truck that is used for this service consumes more fuel due to their weight, consequently, it is more expensive than open air.

We have two delivery options


Reach us through our website or phone and tell us what to do, we will pick up your vehicles and take it to wherever you want us to take it to on your behalf.


Just take your automobiles to any of our terminals, we receive it from you and ship it to next terminal where it can be retrieved.

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