Military Auto Shipping To New Hampshire US Army National Guard Armory Posts

The 197th Field Artillery Brigade which is the lineal ancestor of the Headquarters and Headquarters Battery began life in 1861 as the concord volunteers. On 3 June 1861, at Portsmouth, they were assembled into federal service as company. They participated in the American civil war in the following battles, the battle of Fredericksburg, Cold Harbor, Bull Run, Peninsula, Petersburg, Manassas and Virginia, from 1862-1864. New Hampshire Army Guardsmen bravely fought in the Pacific and European theatres during World War II. They were part of the forces that liberated the Philippines from the Japanese imperial forces during the war.

Why Choose Us?

We have many years of experience in military vehicle transportation within USA or to overseas, we have done quite a number of business with U.S. military and all our service men and women are really satisfied with our services.

• We have terminals and routes that connects different military base and posts is U.S.

• We offer cheaper vehicle transportation to our armies, navies, coast guards, airmen and women, and marines. This people are making sacrifice to ensure our safety, so what more can we do as automobile shipping company than to render cheap and quality transportation service to them.

• All our vehicles are fuel efficient, therefore, environment protection is our top priority.

Auto Shipping Options We Offer in New Hampshire Army Guard

Just as we offer different transportation option to civilians, something is applied to the military. We have open air, and enclosed transporting methods. Also, we provide two delivery options too, door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal delivery option.

Transportation methods

Open air

This options is most suitable in transportation of military armored vehicles, car movers used for this purpose is fuel efficient, therefore, it is cheap. The vehicle can be monitored by the truck driver during transit.


This is mostly preferred in transportation of privately owned vehicles (POV), we understand that some military personnel will want optimum protection for their sport or classic cars, so this option offers maximum security for those vehicles. Due to its weight, it consumes more fuel and is more expensive.

Delivery options


It requires you to drive your car to our terminal, we will deliver it terminal that is close to your new base or post where you can retrieve it.


We pick up military vehicles from base, barracks or military post and deliver them to their respective destinations. We offer this service to ensure your comfort.

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