Military Auto Shipping To Fort Carson

Also known as the “Best Hometown in the Army – Home of America’s Best,” Fort Carson is one of the youngest military installations in the country, and is located near the city of Colorado Springs. It covers an 8.7 square miles land area, which cuts across Pueblo County, El Paso County and Fremont County. With over 10,000 residents comprising of close to 2,000 households, and with the constant movement of military personnel, the need for military auto shipping service can be considerably high. So if you need to have your military vehicle shipped, whether for a motorcycle, RV, classic car, ATV/UTV or boats, you can count on us.


Why Choose Us?

  • Timely Delivery: We understand your need of promptness, and make sure your vehicle gets delivered to you just on time. And if you want a quicker option, our express delivery service can come in handy.
  • Storage facilities: If you have need for storage facility for your vehicle, we have both short and long term storage solutions for our customers with several options that you can choose from.
  • Real-time Tracking: You can get real time information on the progress of your vehicle, as our carriers are GPS-enabled.
  • Quotes and Rate, Price: We guarantee you with a very cheapest rate you cannot get from any other competitors.
  • Insurance coverage: For more protection, we offer insurance coverage on vehicles to be moved.

Auto Shipping Options We Offer in Fort Carson

You can choose from three major types of carriers depending on your need and budget.

Open Carrier Car Shipping – The open carrier option is the more economical one. It’s a similar type that auto dealerships use to transport vehicles in large numbers at once. While the safety of your vehicle is generally guaranteed, they are however still exposed to weather elements like wind-blown trash, rain, sleet, snow, and others in the course of the transit.

Enclosed Carrier Car Shipping – When you want more assurance of protection from the weather and the road, an enclosed delicate sided or hard sided carrier is what you should consider. Your vehicle is protected by heavy canvas covering the carrier.

Low Boy Heavy Equipment Carrier – For customers shipping boats, heavy equipment, or other heavy items, a low-boy carrier is ideal. They are fully equipped to handle such heavy loads. The lowboy is a long, flat platform with dedicated equipment that secures huge amounts of gross tonnage.

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