Military Auto Shipping To Redstone Arsenal (RSA)

Redstone Arsenal (RSA) is one of United States Army posts and a census-designated place (CDP) next to Huntsville in Madison County, Alabama, USA. To a number of tenants like United States Army Material Command, Missile Defence Agency, Army’s Aviation and Missile Command and NASA’s Flight Centre. Due to Defence Base Realignment and Closure Commission decision, many of these units are relocating. According to 2010 population census, Redstone Arsenal CDP is populated by 1,946 people. Close to 40,000 government and contractor workforce works at the base on daily basis. German rocket scientists that were brought to the USA worked at RSA and it is home to Space Launch Vehicle till 1960.

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Why Choose Us?

We cherish comfort and convenience of our military officers, soldiers relocate often. This is why we are passionate about helping veterans and soldiers who are still on duty active; we want to help them with transportation of privately owned vehicle (POV) such as motorcycles, boats, and cars.

• As long as your automobile is in our custody, we guarantee safety of your valuables.

• We provide range of service to our customers to choose from, life is good when there are options.

• All our customers are experienced professional, and they are adequately trained and retrained to keep up with industry standards.

• Our customer review is the best in the industry.

Auto Shipping Options We Offer in Redstone Arsenal (RSA)

We keep improving on all our delivery and transportation methods to serve you better.

Methods of transportation

a. Enclosed and

b. Open air


We use car movers with roofed truck or ones that are covered with canopy for this purpose, so as to protect your car from harsh weather, and against foreign objects like debris and stones that may dent your vehicles. This is the most preferred choice for owners of classic cars, sport and luxury cars.

Open air

Military vehicles are usually transported using this option, except privacy is a major concern. We use uncovered car movers which are usually 75 to 80 feet long, they are fuel efficient due to their weight, open air trucks are cheap means to transport your automobiles if safety is not your top priority.

Delivery options are;

a. Door-to-door

b. Terminal-to-terminal

Door-to-door delivery

As long as there is an access road to your residence, office, barrack, base or post, we will be there to pick up your vehicle and deliver it to another door where it is needed.

Terminal-to-terminal delivery

We have terminals in all seaports in America and all over the world, and we ship through all routes that connect different military base, post, and barracks. All that it takes is just a trip to our terminal, then we will ship it down to another terminal where it can be retrieved.

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