Military Auto Shipping To Puerto Rico

Being an unincorporated US territory with beautiful landscape of mountains, tropical rain forest (El Yungue) and water. Puerto Rico is one of the most preferred destination for tourists. The state is strategically located on Caribbean Island, with its capital (San Juan) which is recognized for its amazing landscape of mountains, farms, forest and beach bars, casinos and Isla Verde area which is popular with its hotel strip. At old San Juan, one will enjoy the sight of centuries old fortress, such as El Morro, Spanish colonel buildings and La Fortaleza.

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Why Choose Us?

What would you have preferred more than pool of industry experience in car shipping? We have bankable experience and we work with world class staffs that value customers’ satisfaction. Whatever service we render to you, we go extra mile. When it comes to auto shipping, you need not look elsewhere.

• Quality service delivered at affordable prices is our most competitive advantage over others in the business.

• With ultramodern GPS device, we provide real time information to you about current position of your automobiles to our customers, at no extra cost

• We are law abiding transport company

• Owners of cars and government trust us for military vehicle shipping because of our comprehensive insurance, the guarantees the security of their vehicles as far as they are under our custody.

Auto Shipping Options We Offer in Puerto Rico

Do you prefer open air or enclosed transport method? The choice is yours.

Or do you prefer terminal-to-terminal or door-to-door automobile transportation service across America or overseas? Again, it depends on what you want.

We have two transport methods;

1. Open air and

2. Enclosed

Open air transport method

How much does this service cost? It is the cheaper option. You vehicle will not be shipped with covered car movers, however, this option consumes less fuel than enclosed method. Most privately owners of vehicles subscribe to this method except it is classic car.

Enclose transport method

• Car movers consume more fuel, therefore, it is a bit expensive.

• Your automobile is fully protected from debris and strange objects.

Also, you can choose between

1. Door-to-door delivery and

2. Terminal-to-terminal delivery


Why would risk your life on the road just to bring your vehicle to our terminal? It doesn’t matter if it is a classic car or army vehicles, we have access to your location except there is no access road. We pick up from anywhere and deliver it to anywhere.


When you bring it to any of our terminals, we ship it to where you can get it.

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