Military Auto Shipping To Pine Bluff Arsenal

Established in November 1941 is a Chemical Warfare Arsenal which was renamed to Pine Bluff Arsenal, after 4 months of its establishment. The arsenal has the following capacities; specialty ammunition production, chemical defense and test equipment, chemical material surveillance program and decontamination systems. At the height of World War II, the plant was expanded from making thermite and magnesium incendiary munitions to the manufacturing of chemical warfare facility. The arsenal is a United State Army installation center, built in Jefferson County, Arkansas, it is due northwest of the city of Pine Bluff. PBA (Pine Bluff Arsenal) is part of nine Army installations in the USA that stored chemical weapons. PBA also manufactures and refurbishes smoke, riot control, designs and manufacturing of incendiary munitions, and biological/chemical defense operations items.

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Why Choose Us?

Due to faithfulness to our existing customers, we have been able to get many referrals through them. We always create personalized automobile transportation for our customers, this explains why we get positive reviews from them.

• We ensure maximum protection of all vehicles in our custody in addition to comprehensive insurance package.

• We ensure that your vehicles are adequately tracked and we provide real-time information as regard current position of your automobile. We do this irrespective of the plan that you opt for.

• All our car movers comply with environmental safety, they have low carbon emission.

• In all our places of operation, we comply with government rules and industry regulations

Auto Shipping Options We Offer in Pine Bluff Arsenal

We have something that will suit all our clients, you may choose between any combinations of these options. We have open air and enclose methods of transportation, we have two delivery options; door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal.

Methods of transportation

a. Open air and

b. Enclosed

Open air

We refer to it as open air when cars are loaded on trucks and they are visible to all eyes. Oftentimes, we use long truck which is about 80 feet for this purpose, the truck usually consumes less fuel and it can transport more vehicles per trip. This option is quite cheap.


It is just a direct opposite of open air, we ensure that your cars are completely covered to protect it from debris, stones and any other foreign objects which might come in contact with your car. Covered trailers are less fuel efficient than open air, this option is a bit costly.

Delivery options are;

a. Door-to-door

b. Terminal-to-terminal


It requires little or no appearance of vehicle owners, we lift your vehicles and deliver it to your doorstep of your new residence, office, and location.


Our terminal is always open to our customers throughout the week, bring your vehicles to us and retrieve it from any nearest terminal.

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