Military Auto Shipping To Oregon

Oregon is located along the coastline in the pacific Northwestern part of the US, which is recognized for its amazing landscape of mountains, farms, forest, and beaches. One of the most interesting things about Oregon is its Portland Art Museum, the popular Chinese Garden (Lan Su) and Japanese Garden. Also, the state is famous for its iconic coffee shops, microbreweries, farm-to-table restaurants, and boutiques.

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Why Choose Us?

It is a fact that we are the most reliable automobile shipping company in the industry, we are fidelity in all our transactions, we keep our words. This is why new customers are converted to regular customers, all our staffs are well trained and equipped with adequate knowledge that ensures customer satisfaction.

• Our customer support service is top notch and available 24 hours throughout the week.

• Our competitors are dwarfed by our worth of experience in the auto shipping business.

• Do you value the safety of your car and every other automobile that you own? We’ve got you covered as long as your vehicle is in our custody.

• Maybe you desire to monitor position of you automobile during shipping, we have ultramodern GPS (Global Positioning System) that will provide you with real-time information about current position of your vehicles

• Whether you want to ship across America or overseas, we are present in many seaports across the world.

• How much does it cost to ship your automobile? It is less compared to what is obtainable from our competitors, we provide top notch services at affordable rates.

Auto Shipping Options We Offer in Oregon

We have two methods of transport and delivery

Methods of transport

a. Open air method of transportation: your vehicle is transported on land with uncovered car movers, this option is less pricey compared to enclosed option because open trucks are lightweight and consume less fuel. Another advantage is that cars, boats or motorcycles can be monitored by the truck driver while on the road

b. Enclosed method of transportation: we make us of covered car movers to ensure full protection of your vehicles. This service is sometimes combined with door-to-door delivery method when POV (Privately Owned Vehicles) are involved.

Delivery methods

a. Door-to-door: why would you bother to come to our terminals when you can just call the company to come over and pick it up? This method is focused on the convenience of our customers, we will take from wherever it is, to wherever you want it to go without involving you in the process.

b. Terminal-to-terminal: maybe you live close to our terminal and you want to bring your vehicle to us, this service is for you. Just give it to us and retrieve it elsewhere.

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