Military Auto Shipping To Oklahoma

Its forests, Great Plains, hills and lakes are regarded as amazing by Geographers. Oklahoma City which is the capital of Oklahoma is the home to Western Heritage Museum and National Cowboy. Also, Bricktown entertainment district comes to mind when Oklahoma is mentioned, it is famous for dining and nightlife.

Why Choose Us?

In the transportation of automobiles, whether it is a luxury car, classic cars, motorcycle, boats or military vehicles, we treat all vehicles equally. We put three things into consideration, your convenience, the safety of your vehicles and your pocket. Irrespective of your class, we serve everyone. We are limitless in terms of distance, we have terminals across America and beyond.

• We serve our customers with a win-win mindset and our business philosophy is to ensure customers satisfaction, our customer review can attest to this.

• With adequate staffing and well train personnel, we dictate the pace with our wealth of experience.

• All our ships and car movers are adequately tracked with GPS that provide real-time information about the current position of your automobiles throughout the shipping period, whether on land or water.

• Our customers enjoys long and short storage options.

• All vehicles are covered by an insurance plan, so you have nothing to worry about,

Auto Shipping Options We Offer in Oklahoma

We respect our customers’ mandate, and we work with our customers’ expected delivery times always. What makes it so interesting is the ability to choose between different plans. This is why we have two methods of delivery and transportation.

Methods of transportation are;

a. Open air and

b. Enclosed

Open air method of transportation

This option allows you enjoy cheaper rate as compared to enclosed method of transportation because open car movers will be used in moving the vehicle to its destination. Aside from the fact that your vehicle is vulnerable to debris, stones and attack from any other object, it is the favorite of many customers.

Enclosed method of transportation

There comes a time, when the last thing on your mind is car scratch, you don’t want to repaint your car body. The enclosed method is the best option for you. We will transport your car with enclosed car movers, so it is protected against any object that may scratch it body. The only downside to this is cost, enclosed is a bit pricey due to the weight of the truck that is used to move your automobile.

Delivery Options are;

a. Terminal-to-terminal and

b. Door-to-door delivery


Simply put as shipping from one terminal to the other terminal, you will bring it to us and retrieve it at the other end.


We pick up your vehicle from your door and deliver it to your door.

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