Military Auto Shipping To Ohio

Ohio is located in Eastern part of United States. Statistically, it is the seventh most populated state in the US with about 12 million occupants, according to 2015 estimates. By land mass, it is the 34th largest state out of 50 states in the United States. The state got her name from Ohio River, it spans across Northeast and Midwestern part of the country. A lot of transportation passes through her borders along the state well-developed highways.

Why Choose Us?

In this business of auto transport, transportation of classic cars, motorcycles and military vehicles, we are number one force to reckon with in the industry. Depending on your quest for convenience and pocket size, we certainly have packages that will suit you, our services are so flexible and unique. We have no limitation as to how far we can go to get your automobiles delivered, our numerous terminals will ensure this. What are you waiting for? Let do a business with you, and you will not have any more reason to try others.

• We recognize your number one fear, it is the safety of your valuables. With our comprehensive insurance package, the safety of your automobiles is guaranteed.

• Many of our customers return to have business with us, and they derive maximum satisfaction from each deal. What other things can you hope for?

• All our staffs are adequately trained with the wealth of experience in car shipping industry.

• We have received a countless number of amazing reviews from our customers across America and overseas, this clearly demonstrate our level of competency and unique customer relation.

• Our pool of experience is something to write home about.

Auto Shipping Options We Offer in Ohio

Heedless of how you want your cars to be shipped or where you desire to transport it to, we are equal to the task, we have two methods of transportation and two delivery options.

Methods of transportation are;

i. Open air and

ii. Enclosed

Open air car shipping

In this method, we will not transport your vehicle with covered trucks. Depending on your location, season and quotes, this option is worth considering because it is cheap. It only disadvantage is exposure to dirt and other hard objects like stones.

Enclosed car shipping

We pick up and deliver your automobile with cover car movers, it is considered as a premium package when this service is combined with the door-to-door delivery option.

Delivery Options are;

i. Terminal-to-terminal and

ii. Door-to-door delivery

Terminal-to-terminal delivery

We ship your vehicle from one terminal and deliver it to another terminal.

Door-to-door delivery

We send the company car movers over to your house or wherever the vehicle is, and deliver it to the next terminal.

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