Military Auto Shipping To New Mexico

Southwestern U.S. state whose capital (Santa Fe) was founded in the 16th century, the capital is popular for her Spanish colonial architecture and spas. New Mexico is home to the Sangre de Cristo Mountains and Desert of Chihuahua, her most famous museum is Georgia O’Keeffe Museum, which exhibits dramatic landscape paintings and open-air Santa Fe Opera.

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Why Choose Us?

With international terminals in several hundred seaports in the world and a huge presence in seaports across America, we are the surest and most reliable in vehicle transportation industry. We are more than just another automobile company; we represent quality and standard in the industry. Our quotes and range of services reflect desire of our current and potential customers, we have you in mind.

• We understand that all customers desire flexible storage plan at affordable rates

• Our exhaustive vehicle insurance assures customers that we care about security of whatever vehicle they entrust us with

• We understand that better environment is important to human existence, this is why we ensure best practice in a bid to protect our environment.

• Where and when do you want us to deliver your vehicle, and how do you want us to deliver it? The choice is for our customers to make.

• Choose your shipping route, we are everywhere.

• With unbeatable prices, we render top notch service, we take pride in customer satisfaction.

Auto Shipping Options We Offer in New Mexico

We understand that life is good when there are options, this is why we have two different types of transport method (open air and enclosed) and two delivery options (terminal-to-terminal and door-to-door).

Open air car shipping

It has the following disadvantage

i. It is not protected in any way, so your automobiles are exposed to all kinds of objects, whether it is a privately owned vehicle (POV) or not. Also, the vehicle is not immune to harsh weather condition.

It has the following advantages;

i. It is cheap, so military vehicles are often transported using this method

ii. Vehicles can be monitored by the truck driver using the mirror, while in transit.

Enclosed car shipping


i. It offers maximum protection to automobiles because the car movers are completely covered.

ii. It keeps your autos scratch free, this is a better choice of car dealers as the scratch can really affect the price of cars, especially classic cars.


i. It is more expensive then open carriers, in fact, it can increase your cost of transportation by $300, but it worthwhile when safety is the utmost priority.

Delivery Methods

•  Door-to-door

With a few clicks on our website or phone call, we are at your doorstep to pick up your vehicle and we will deliver it to another door step, depending on customers’ mandate.

•  Terminal-to-terminal

We receive your car at our terminal and ship it to next terminal where you can pick it up.

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