Military Auto Shipping To Great Plains Joint Training Area

The Great Plains Joint Training Area is an extension of Fort Riley. It is located about 65 miles from Fort Riley, and it provides over 30,000 acres for Army training. The Great Plains Joint Training Area is the base to the Smoky Hill Range, which is used for training, and “Crisis City,” which is a complex that is used to in training activities to prevent that state from potential natural disasters and terrorist attacks. The Great Plains Joint Training Area is a joint base because it is used by military, government, and civilian organizations.


Why Choose Us?

We have US military at our heart, we strive to render best and affordable vehicle transportation service to our veterans and men and women who are still on active duty. We believe that this is part of our corporate social responsibilities to the United States of America, when transportation problem is no longer a big issue to a military personnel, the effect of sudden transfer will be cushioned.

• Our customer reviews really reflect level their satisfaction, and they always return to do business with us again.

• We deliver at the agreed date and time.

• The ability of an organization is determined by the strength of her staffs. All our staffs are experienced and are adequately trained.

• All our services are quality and are render at affordable rates.

Auto Shipping Options We Offer in Fort Campbell

How do you want us to deliver your privately owned vehicle (POV), military or company vehicle? We have two options for this, they are;

i. door-to-door delivery and

ii. terminal-to-terminal delivery


We render this service to military officers. All that is required is a phone or a request through our website, and we will take care of the rest.


Automobiles are brought to our terminals by the owners. When this is done, we will ship it to another terminal that is close to your new barrack or base.

What method of transportation do you have in mind? We offer the following services;

  • Open air method and
  • Enclosed method

Open air method

We transport your vehicles with car movers whose trucks are not covered, this option is the best when it comes to transportation of not-so-expensive cars, boats and motorcycles. It offers less protection and it is cheap.

Enclosed method

When security and privacy of your automobiles are your concern, we advise that you make use of this option, it will guard your classic cars against corrosion and dents. Due to fuel consumption of these car movers, they are more expensive than open air.

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