Military Auto Shipping To Fort Polk

Fort Polk is an Army post located in Vernon Parish, West-Central Louisiana; about 120 miles from Shreveport and 150 miles from Baton Rouge. It is the Army’s Joint Readiness Training Center (JRTC), and is responsible for training and deploying combat units. Fort Polk was established in 1941, and has been active since then. The post covers 198,000 acres of land, some of which is part of the Kisatchie National Forest, and accommodates over 15,000 active duty military and civilian employees. Currently, the units in the base include 1st Battalion – 509th Infantry (Airborne), 3rd Brigade Combat Team, 36th Infantry Division, 115th Combat Support Hospital, Bay Jones Army Community Hospital and 5th Aviation Battalion.

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Auto Shipping Options We Offer for Fort Polk

Methods of Transportation

  • Are you interested in Open air transport method?

It is a great way of transporting your cars, especially if you have low budget and safety is not much of a concerned. Moreover, drivers of our car movers will be able to monitor your cars through mirrors, we bank on the experience and professionalism of our trained drivers.

  • Or do you prefer enclosed transport method?

Car movers that are used for this purpose are completely covered to ensure that your vehicle does not come in contact with any foreign object which might dent paintings of your car. Aside from the fact that it is more expensive than open air, it is the most preferred option for owners of high end or classic cars.

Delivery Methods

  • Do you want to save your energy for another activity?

Our door-to-door service is for you, wherever your automobile is; whether in your park, office or garage, we will come and pick it up upon request. Not just that, we deliver to any doorstep across the globe.

  • Do you want a cheaper delivery option?

The terminal-to-terminal delivery method is a good choice for you, all is required is for you to bring your automobile to any of our terminals that are closer to you. Then we will ship it to another terminal where it can be retrieved.

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