Military Auto Shipping To Fort Hunter Liggett

In southern Monterey County, California, about 400km due north of Los Angeles and 240 km due south of San Francisco, is a United States Army fort named after General Hunter Liggett. Fort Hunter Liggett has been in use since 1940 until the present, and it is open to the public. A primary use of the fort is field training maneuvers and live fire training exercises. Fort Hunter Liggett is about 25 miles far from camp Roberts, California.

The Hacienda (Milpitas Ranchhouse) is a historic hotel on the post which serves the general public, and at the same time, it can be used as a guest house by military personnel. When a rotation of personnel comes for training, the population in the fort can increase to about. However, a total number of permanent civil and military residents at the fort is 250. It is worthy to mention that fort Hunter Liggett has been used as filming location for certain parts of the following movies, We Were Soldiers and Clear and Present Danger.

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