Military Auto Shipping To Fort Des Moines

Fort Des Moines was constructed in 1843, and was responsible for the early development of Des Moines, Iowa’s biggest city. It played a role in the American Civil War. When preparing to enter World War I, it served as the training ground for African Americans who wanted to join the U.S. Army. Apart from being a training site for World War I and World War II, the camp became a US Army Reserve base in 1949, and was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1974. Currently, Fort Des Moines comprises of many structures including the Fort Des Moines Museum and Education Center, the Fort Des Moines Memorial Park.

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Why Choose Us?

With our terminals in major seaports across America and seaports, we are one of the most represented automobile shipping company in the United States of America. Therefore, wherever you are being posted to, we have access to all routes that connect military bases, posts, and barracks.

• Our top priority is the satisfaction of our customers, this account for the reason why we keep getting good reviews and referrals from our customers.

• All our car movers are adequately checked for emission test to ensure compliance with environmental safety standards.

• We are law abiding organization and we comply with industry regulations.

• Our long and short term storage facilities are second to none.

• Whether you are shipping your vehicles within the US or abroad, your vehicles are covered by our insurance plan.

• We ensure transparent transaction with all customers, no hidden charges.

• No company gives higher benefit-cost ratio than us.

Auto Shipping Options We Offer for Fort Des Moines

We offer personalized service to our customers due to the uniqueness of their transportation needs, this is why we encourage our customers to choose any combination of these services. There are open air and enclosed method of transportation, then door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal delivery option.

Methods of transportation

a. Enclosed and

b. Open air


This ensures that your vehicle is adequately protected against any object that could cause dents on it paints. Your automobiles are transported using car movers with a roofed or covered truck. The only con of this method is cost, it is a bit expensive than open air, this is because of its weight and number of automobiles that it can move per trip. Usually, it is not fuel efficient.

Open air

Military vehicles are better transported using this method, it offers good protection to vehicles that do not need extra protection against stones and debris. Due to the fact that it is cheap, it is the most demanded transport method.

Delivery options are;

a. Door-to-door

b. Terminal-to-terminal


It as simple as making a request through our website or giving us a call, then we will send down our truck to your residence, company, barrack, base or post, where your automobile can be picked up and deliver to next door, as stipulated by you.


We await your vehicles at our terminal, then ship it to another terminal where it can be retrieved.

All these can be combined to suit your need.

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