Military Auto Shipping To District of Columbia

Popularly known for the capital of the U.S., this is a great city on the Potomac River which cut across Maryland and state of Virginia. It is synonymous with iconic building and amazing architecture style, examples of these are such as you find in the three branches of US federal government: White house, the Capitol and Supreme Court. Washington DC is the home of popular museums like the Kennedy Center.

Why Choose Us?

Transporters with bankable years of industry experience are preferable by customers, we keep customers comfort in mind. Ease of doing business with us is the highest level and unbeatable by our competitors. If you desire transparent auto transporter, you need not look elsewhere.

• We understand customers’ desire to monitor the position of your classic cars, POV (Privately Owned Vehicles), military vehicles and company cars. This is why GPS are installed on all car mover and transport systems.

• How much does it cost to do business with us? We offer varieties of quality services at pocket-friendly prices.

• Our car movers are environmental safety compliant, which one of the reasons why we still remain in business, we obey government laws and industry regulations.

• Do you need insurance for your goods while in transit? We insure every vehicle that is shipped through us.

• We provide flexible storage facilities to our clients, long and short term storage.

Auto Shipping Options We Offer in District of Columbia

Our transportation methods are;

• Enclosed

i. Soft enclosure

ii. Hard enclosure

• Open air

Enclosed transportation method

Enclosure offers protect against any form of undesirable contacts with the automobile during land transportation. Customers may choose between soft and hard enclosure which is a function of season and mandate given to us by our customers.

Open air transport

It means that your vehicle is opened to foreign objects like stones, mud, leaves and debris while it is being moved on the road, to its final destination in case of door-terminal, terminal-door or door-to-door delivery service. However, open air method is cheaper than enclosed method of transportation, and the good will be visible to truck driver through the mirror.

We offer the following delivery services


You may call this nonappearance or minimum appearance service, It doesn’t matter where your vehicle is or where it is going to, we pick up and deliver vehicles anywhere in America and overseas.


Many of our customers combine this delivery option with open air transportation method to save cost. What this mean is that you will bring your automobile to our terminal and retrieve it from another terminal that is close to your vehicle destination. Choose between these services, and have the best deal.

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