Military Auto Shipping To Charles Melvin Price Support Center

Charles M. Price Support Center located in Granite City, Illinois is now known as The Port. It was established in 1942 first as an army depot, offering warehouse and storage space. The depot part of the center became inactive after World War II, and in 1971 it was closed down and handed over to the US Army Aviation Systems Command support. In 1988 it was named Charles Melvin Price Support Center in recognition of the contributions of Illinois Congressman, Charles Melvin Price to the nation. The center was marked for closure in 1995, and in 2000 it was reopened. The center has been reconstructed to include an Army Reserve Center, industrial development areas, recreational facilities, residential areas and more.

Why Choose Us?

It is important to be sure of the auto transporter you want to engage for moving your vehicle. We consist of a team of professional movers who work hard to guarantee smooth delivery of your automobile. Here are the features of our services:

  • Cost effective services

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Your vehicle will be insured for more protection.

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  • Storage facilities

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Auto Shipping Options We Offer in Charles M. Price Support Center

Custom Transport Services:  With us you have options. Whether you are moving a military vehicle, motorcycle, recreational vehicle (RV), classic car, or ATV/UTV, boats, or special needs such as an oversized or unworkable vehicle, we provide you with whatever suits your need.

Open and Enclosed Carriers: You can choose between an open or enclosed carrier. The open carrier is a more common option, and cheaper too. The enclose carrier offers more protection and is ideal for luxury car. However, it is more expensive of the two options.

Terminal-to-terminal shipping: Depending on your budget and need, this option saves you more money. There are drop off and pick up terminals where you can drop your car for shipping or pick it up after delivery. This is the industry standard, and sometimes not so convenient. But with the presence of many terminals in major cities across the nation, it is still a good option.

Door-to-door transport: If you desire more convenience, you can have your car picked up from its current location and delivered to a specific address. This comes under the door-to-door shipping option. It gives you a very convenient way to transport your car. You don’t have to move an inch.

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