Military Auto Shipping To Camp San Luis Obispo

Formerly named as Camp Merriam, it was established in 1928 and popularly referred to as California National Guard’s original home. Halfway between the cities of San Luis Obispo and Morro Bay, is Camp San Luis Obispo. After WWII, the camp occupied a land area of 15,433 acres, the camp initially had a land area of 6,274, and then 9,159 acres was added to it in 1941.

The camp had 19,383 enlisted personnel and it quarters had 1,523 officers. During Korean War which lasted for three years between 1950 and 1953, Camp San Luis Obispo was used by the Army for shorter than usual combat training, it was 8 instead of regular 16 weeks training. The camp was used as a prison which housed Prisoners of war during Second World War. Since 2000, Grizzly Youth Academy has been using the camp as a tenant. Camp San Luis Obispo served as former home to California Army National Guard. US Army used it as Cantonment Area and Infantry Division Camp during WWII.

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Why Choose Us?

It is okay for members of US military to be transferred or posted to this camp with short notice. Our shipping company can relate to challenges of being a military personnel and sacrifices that come with it, it requires huge tenacity and courage to join and remain in our military service. This is why we offer an affordable quote to war veterans and active members of US military.

• It is our mandate to ensure that vehicles in our custody enjoy maximum protection under our comprehensive insurance plan

• We offer long and short term plan with respect to storage

• All car movers and ships are adequately monitored by latest GPS device, to enable us to deliver up-to-date information about our customers’ vehicle positions, during shipping.

Auto Shipping Options We Offer in Camp San Luis Obispo

Our methods of transportation are;

a. Enclosed

b. Open air

Then we offer two delivery options, which are;

a. Door-to-doo

b. Terminal-to-terminal


This is not popularly in demand as far as transportation of military vehicles such as armored and other military vehicles are concerned. Car movers used for this purpose are completely covered to ensure protection of the vehicles. This service is usually demanded in shipment of POVs (Privately Owned Vehicles)

Open air

More vehicles are transported with this method than enclosed, it consumes less fuel, therefore, it is cheaper to transport vehicles with this method, but they are exposed to more risks than enclosed vehicles.

Delivery options


When any of our terminals is close to you, we’d advise that you take advantage of this close proximity in other to reduce cost. Then we ensure that your automobile is delivered to nearest terminal to its destination.


We simply send our trucks to you, pick up your car and deliver it to its final destination.

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