Military Auto Shipping To Camp Joseph T. Robinson

Built in North Little Rock, Arkansas, is Camp Joseph T. Robinson formerly known as Camp Pike. Initially, it was named after General Zebulon Montgomery Pike when it was established in the year 1917. It is famous as one of few camps that were able to resist closure between First and Second World War, it has always served a purpose. The camp was home to Division 87 of US Army, which served as replacement training when the division was transferred to France. Camp Robinson was the headquarters of the Arkansas National Guard in between WWI and WWII. When the military post needed financial support, much of unnecessary and unused materials in her storage were sold. During Second World War, 4,000 German prisoners of war were hosted in Camp Robinson.

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Why Choose Us?

Posting of officers with short notice is part of challenges that are faced by our military personnel. But are we not supposed to render help to them in any way we can? This is why we have made our responsibility to help our active and retired soldiers in the transportation of their automobiles at an affordable price. Additionally, we ship all types of military armored vehicles and every other automobile used by our military.
• We have developed comprehensive insurance packages for all vehicles that are brought to our terminals.
• Ultramodern GPS are used in tracking all customers’ automobiles while in transit.
• We offer both long and short term storage facilitates, depending on choice of our customers.
• We comply with industry safety rules and government regulations.

Auto Shipping Options We Offer in Camp Joseph T. Robinson

Methods of transportation
a. Enclosed and
b. Open air

Delivery options are
a. Door-to-door
b. Terminal-to-terminal

This is rarely demanded by the military in the transportation of military vehicles like armored vehicles, except privately owned vehicles. Vehicles are loaded very neatly in these trailers and are completely covered, to offer protection against dirt, stones, debris and other types of foreign object that might create a dent on the body of your automobiles. However, this option is usually cost more than open air.

Open air
It can load more vehicles on it truck than enclosed one, it does not offer much protection against harsh weather conditions and foreign objects. It has an advantage of being fuel efficient, therefore it is more affordable than enclosed method.

Delivery option


In case that any of our terminals is closer to you, shipping cost will be saved by leveraging on this delivery option. Bring it to us, then we will take it to where you can retrieve it.
After making a request through our website or phone call, we will send a truck to where your automobiles, pick them and deliver it to next door.

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