Military Auto Shipping To Camp Haan

Camp Haan Army Base is located in Riverside, California. At the height of Second World War for the United States, in 1941. It seems so important to build a coastal Army base in close proximity to Riverside, California. The camp became so large that it once housed 80,000 soldiers. It was one of the most important and yet expansive during WWII. However, the base only served a temporary need for the military, but it homed soldiers who were an integral part of the 2nd World War anti-aircraft strategy.

The Army base occupied a total land area of 8,000 acres. It was renowned for being superbly clean for a military base. In Camp Haan were men who were assigned to 815th Anti-Aircraft Artillery (AAA), Automatic Weapons Battalion. Though soldiers in the camp can operate 90mm and 120mm guns, but they are basically trained on how to operate and maintain 40mm guns. On August 31, 1946. The camp eventually closed.

Auto Shipping Options We Offer in Camp Haan

We understand the uniqueness of our customers’ transportation needs, this is why we offer personalized service to our customers. Our customers are encouraged to choose any combination of our transport method and delivery options.

The options of auto shipping we provide in Camp Haan have been preferred because of the options we provide. Options we offer here help in transportation of POV vehicles for military officers. The auto shipping options we provide have been beneficial for most officers living in surrounding CA area.

Methods of transportation

a. Enclosed and

b. Open air


Your vehicles are adequately protected from dents and harsh weather condition, we make use of a covered truck for this purpose. Its only downside is fuel consumption. Hence, it is costlier than open air.

Open air

Military vehicles are usually transported by this method, due to nature of materials used in the production of armored vehicles, they are usually not affected by harsh weather condition and impact of external objects.

Delivery options are;

a. Door-to-door

b. Terminal-to-terminal


It is as easy as shopping from the comfort of your home or office, you only need to give us a call or request through our website. With little or no appearance, we will get it done.


You only need to bring your vehicles to any of our terminals and retrieve it from next terminal that is close to it the destination.


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