Military Auto Shipping To Camp Cooke

Also known as Fort Claggett is Camp Cooke which is a U.S. Army military post located on the Missouri River, Montana Territory. The camp was established on 10th of July 1867, by Infantry Regiment, a year after its establishment, it had a population capacity of 400 men. Camp Cooke was created to protect steamboat traffic along Fort Benton. The purpose of the camp was to protect Missouri River traffic and residence of Montana Territory who were traveling up the goldfields of Missouri. The camp was named after Brigadier General Philip St. George Cooke, he was in the command of the Department of the Platte in 1866, which included the Montana Territory. On 31st of March 1870, the camp was abandoned because of isolation, although fast growing rats infestation catalyzed the decision to abandon it.


Why Choose Us?

Price, safety, and quality of services are top priorities of any customers. We understand this. Our job is to relieve the stress of transporting their vehicles to the new base at an affordable price. Additionally, we transport all kinds of military equipment and vehicle within and outside the United States of America.

• We guarantee safety of military vehicles and all other POVs (Privately-owned Vehicles) in our custody

• We supply our customers with real time information as regards the position of their vehicles while in transit.

• In automobile shipping industry, we enjoy a lot of positive customer reviews from our customers.

Auto Shipping Options We Offer in Camp Cooke

We have two methods of transportation which are;

a. Open air and

b. Enclosed

Open air

With this option, automobiles are transported with car mover whose truck is uncovered. These trailers are long enough and are designed in such as way that they will be able to load 6 cars per trip, depending on how the vehicles are and their sizes. Open air car movers are lighter and it consumes less fuel than enclose, due to its weight. Therefore, it a cheap means of transporting your vehicles when privacy is not a concerned.


Covered car movers are used in this case, though enclosed trucks are not fuel efficient, but it offers protection to classic cars. It is expensive than open air.

There are door-to-door and terminal-to-terminal delivery options


You can place phone calls to us or request for our services via our responsive website, we will be there to lift your automobiles and ship it to the exact location where they are needed.


You bring your automobile to any of our terminals and we deliver it another terminal where it can be retrieved comfortably. Therefore, it is cheaper that door-to-door delivery option.

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